Kenya South Coast residents triumph as environmental tribunal blocks sand mining

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Members of the South Coast Residents Association in Kenya were jubilant when the National Environmental Tribunal ruled last month, in their favor against the sand harvesting of corporate bogey man China Road and Bridge Corporation.

Evidence submitted by the complainants showed beyond a reasonable doubt that sections of the reef had already suffered significant damage and that the sandy beaches had eroded to bare rock at sites where the sand sucking monster ships had, often under the cover of darkness, illegally extracted sand…

Read Full Article, ETN (01-23-2016)

800,000m3 of Sand to be Removed Close to Some of Kenya’s Most Prized Beaches, Mail & Guardian Africa (04-09-2015)
Sand could soon be sucked out of the Indian Ocean, in a 0.4 –1km strip off the Kenyan coastline…

Sand Dredging Threatening Tourism at Top-Rated Kenya Beach, ETN News (02-23-2015)
Unless measures are taken to halt dredging along the south coast beaches once and for all, one of Kenya’s greatest tourism resources could be damaged beyond repair and turn from a crowd puller and award winner in the space of a few months into a marine desert landscape…

The Deadly Occupation Attracting Kenya’s Youth, IPS News (08-06-2014)
Sand is becoming a necessary component in fuelling the construction boom that is driving the rapid pace of urbanisation and rapid economic growth patterns in Kenya. Many of Kenya’s poor youth are turning to sand mining as a quick way of earning money, despite the deadly risks due to poor sand harvesting methods…

Sand, Rarer Than One Thinks: A UNEP report (March 2014)
Despite the colossal quantities of sand and gravel being used, our increasing dependence on them and the significant impact that their extraction has on the environment, this issue has been mostly ignored by policy makers and remains largely unknown by the general public…

Sand Thieves Are Eroding World’s Beaches For Castles Of Cash, by Martine Valo, Le Monde (09-2013)
The pillaging of sand is a growing practice in the world. This is because it represents 80% of the composition of concrete that it is the object of such greed…

Sand Wars, An Investigation Documentary, By Award-Winning Filmmaker Denis Delestrac (©-2013)

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