Albino Whale ‘Gallon of Milk’ Spotted off Mexico

Image source: ©© Campos Felipe


An annual whale census off the Pacific coast of Mexico turned up a welcome sight: the albino whale known as “Gallon of Milk,” a female gray whale not seen since 2009…

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Albino Whale ‘Gallon of Milk’ Spotted off Mexico; Tech Times
The bright white whale’s condition albinism makes her of a special kind, since the gene mutation that leads to a sharp decrease in the pigment melanin – or the lack of it – is barely recorded among marine mammals. The annual monitoring helps ensure the continuing survival of the gray whale species (Eschrichtius robustus), a highly endangered breed migrating every year between feeding and breeding sites. These majestic creatures can live up to 70 years, and grow to weigh 40 tons and reach 50 feet in length…