Sinking a Mexican Navy Warship: A GoPro Awards Video

WATCH: A video captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipient, JP Ussel


The Uribe 121, a former Mexican Navy battleship, was sunk 1.2 miles off the coast of Rosario, Mexico, to create the first artificial reef in Baja California…

Watch Video, GoPro Channel

Turning Oil Rigs Into Reefs: A Video; The New York Times (03-08-2016)
Environmentalists disagree over whether outdated oil rigs off the coast of Long Beach, Calif., can become an addition to the marine ecosystem…

Shipwrecks Posing Threat to Waters Hold Many Unknowns, Miami Herald (11-02-2015)
Dozens of shipwrecks scattered along America’s coasts are thought to be holding oil and certainly will start leaking someday as corrosion eats away at their tanks…

NOAA Report Examines National Oil Pollution Threat From Shipwrecks, NOAA (05-23-2013)
NOAA presented to the U.S. Coast Guard a new report that finds that 36 sunken vessels scattered across the U.S. seafloor could pose an oil pollution threat to the nation’s coastal marine resources…

An Ancient Beach With Modern Subway Cars- 16 Fathoms Down To Take This Train; By Art Trembanis, Nicole Raineault & Carter DuVal
It used to require a ticket to ride the Redbird line of subway cars but now you’ll need a set of SCUBA gear to ride these trains. Over 900 New York City subway cars sit on the seafloor, just 16.5 nautical miles (19 mi) from the Delaware shore.These subway cars are part of an artificial reef, known as the Redbird reef (after the line of subway car) that have been placed on the seafloor since 2001…

France and Florida Hit Reverse on Sinking Tyres for Artificial Reefs, AFP / Phys Org (05-22-2015)

Grenada, Museo Subacuatico Del Arte, off the coast of Cancún; By Jason deCaires Taylor (08-01-2013)
Environmentally inspired artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, created a hauntingly beautiful underwater museum with his life-like statues providing habitat for marine life, coral re-growth and mystery for divers to explore. His sculptures, are installed in the underwater museum, MUSA (Museo Subacuatico Del Arte) off the coast of Cancún…

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