Access eroding to embattled Kiawah spit, study says

Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island. Photo courtesy of: © Cecelia Dailey


The narrow neck to Captain Sam’s Spit is disappearing, survey work has indicated. The dunes there aren’t tall enough to withstand a tropical cyclone of any real strength.

The findings could put a big hole in Kiawah Partners’ contention before regulators that the beach there is growing, and a road to its proposed development should be permitted. That means a bill up for a House vote in the coming week might be decisive in the near decade-long regulatory and legal wrangling over the proposed road to the development…

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Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island; By Cecelia Dailey; featured on Coastal Care April-May 2016
Since 2008, concerned citizens and environmental organizations have opposed the development of Captain Sams Spit, Kiawah Island, South Carolina…

Capt. Sam’s and shifting sands, The Post and Courier (03-30-2016)
The dispute between those who would build houses on Captain Sam’s Spit and those who would keep that from happening has been festering for four and a half years. It’s been one step forward, one step back. Or one step backward and one step up, depending on your perspective.

Capt. Sam’s Spit road gets court go-ahead; conservation groups plan to appeal, SC, The Post and Courier (03-24-2016)