Where’s all the sand in La Jolla? CA

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Beach re-nourishment, Southern California. Photo source: © SAF — Coastal Care.
“A few coastal scientists point to the apparent futility of the billions spent across the nation in the past 50 years to stop sand from doing what it’s naturally inclined to do…” “We’re talking about billions of dollars, approaching tens of billions” nationally, said coastal geologist Rob Young, in “Endless Erosion Battle a Matter of Money,” The St Petersburg Tribune


First of a two-part look at La Jolla beach erosion.

A carpet of pebbles covers the sands of Tourmaline Surfing Park. The ocean washes the rocks at WindanSea. The waves dangerously approach Highway 101 at Torrey Pines.

La Jolla beaches, in Southern California, present an erosion level that has surprised residents and visitors this spring.

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Blowing In The Wind? Spending Millions On Disappearing San Diego Beach Sand, KPBS (02-05-2016)
All up and down the San Diego coast, sand, particularly in North County, has disappeared from the beaches. A radio interview of Gary Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz, on KPBS News…

Green group questions beach renourishment costs, environmental effects; Myrtle News (04-11-2016)
A local environmental group is questioning the need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars for beach renourishment work…

Beach replenishment may have far reaching impacts on ecosystems;” Phys.Org (03-29-2016)
UC San Diego biologists who examined the biological impact of replenishing eroded beaches with offshore sand found that such beach replenishment efforts could have long-term negative impacts on coastal ecosystems…

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