A Turtle Saver, NC

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Sea turtles that nest in North Carolina are listed as endangered species in part because many beaches have become dangerous or undesirable places for nesting.

One of the biggest issues is light pollution…

Trash, debris and holes left on the beach pose a danger to sea turtles, as they can block the path of both mothers and babies trying to get to and from the ocean. Turtles can also ingest the plastic, which has devastating effects…

Read Full Article, Coastal Review Online (07-29-2016)

Coastal Light Pollution Disturbs Marine Animals, New Study Shows; University of Exeter (04-29-2015)
Marine ecosystems can be changed by night-time artificial lighting according to new research. The results indicate that light pollution from coastal communities, shipping and offshore infrastructure could be changing the composition of marine invertebrate communities…

Florida beaches are becoming darker, and that’s good for sea turtles (01-29-2016)
Newly published research confirms that the density of sea turtle nests on Florida beaches is reduced where artificial lights along the coast deter nesting females. The data also show that the network of sea turtle-friendly lighting ordinances along Florida’s coast seems to be working…

Light Pollution Deters Nesting Sea Turtles, LiveScience (06-09-2013)
Light pollution along the Mediterranean is changing the nesting habits of sea turtles in Israel, according to new research…

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