The Jersey Shore’s “ghost tracks”

Cape May, New Jersey. Photo source: ©© Partnership for the Delaware Estuary


They are called the “ghost tracks” of Cape May County beach. And until a couple of years ago, no one had seen them in about 80 years.

Then the short stretch of rusted railroad tracks – a remnant of a time when the silky quartz sand along the New Jersey coast was excavated and shipped for use in glass making or building projects – disappeared again under the shifting topography north of Sunset Beach…

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Monterey Bay, California: Beach Sand Mining from a National Marine Sanctuary; By Gary Griggs (09-01-2014)
The 30-mile long, continuous sandy shoreline around Monterey Bay is the most visited stretch of shoreline on the central coast. Yet, it holds the dubious distinction of being the only active beach sand mining operation along the entire United States shoreline. To make matters even worse, it all takes place along the shoreline of a protected National Marine Sanctuary. Something is seriously wrong with this picture…