When the coral disappears, so will they

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


By now, the storyline should be familiar: We humans are burning loads of fossil fuels and chopping down the rainforest, and that’s causing the atmosphere to heat up rapidly. That’s true regardless of who’s in the White House.

What’s less understood is that the ocean is actually storing much of that heat. Beneath the surface, there’s evidence of a mass extinction brewing. Coral are among the silent victims, and the results are undeniable…

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Great Barrier Reef suffered worst bleaching on record in 2016; BBC News (11-28-2016)

Great Barrier Reef: the scale of bleaching has the most sober scientists worried, Guardian UK (04-16-2016)
I have dived hundreds of times, with different teams of scientists, along the reef. Yet the scale of this bleaching event has even the most sober and senior coral reef scientists worried. If the rhetoric from marine biologists is to be believed, then the Great Barrier Reef is now in the grip of a “bommie apocalypse”…

Florida’s coral reefs rapidly ‘wasting away’ under stress of climate change; Guardian UK (05-04-2016)
Accelerated acidification of coastal waters has brought about structural decline of only reef in continental US, initially pegged by scientists at around 2050…

Scientists: Major Coral Bleaching Crisis Spreads Worldwide, AP / US News & World Report (10-08-2015)
The bleaching of colorful coral is spreading into a worldwide, devastating crisis, scientists say, and they predict it will likely get worse…

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