The Ryukyu Islands: a destination gaining fame, for good reason

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Hateruma, Yaeyama Islands, Ryukyu Archipelago.
Closer to Taiwan than Japan the Yaeyama Islands hold some of the most naturally beautiful places in Japan.
This group of 19 sub-tropical islands forms the remotest part of the Ryukyu Archipelago, which makes up Okinawa prefecture.
This group of subtropical islands is famous for the coral reefs surrounding them making up some of the best scuba diving in Asia and the world. The Yaeyama Islands are also known for the virgin rain forests that covers many of the inhabited and uninhabited Islands in the archipelago.
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There’s a wonderland off the coast of Japan where the water is gloriously turquoise, the sand is perfectly white and you can lie on a beach with few neighbors besides the friendly sea turtles beneath the surface.

Behold the Ryukyu Islands, an archipelago that stretches from the southwestern tip of Japan to Taiwan…

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