Study finds knowledge gaps on protecting cultural sites from climate change

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Morris Island Lighthouse, SC. Batik on silk, by © Mary Edna Fraser.


Many cultural sites vulnerable to climate-related changes such as rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding from stronger storms, warn researchers…

Read Full Article, ScienceDaily (03-07-2017)

Morris Island Lighthouse & the Moving Beach; By Celie Dailey (02-01-2012)

Cemeteries in the Sea; By William J. Neal & Orrin H. Pilkey (11-01-2013)
Cemeteries by the sea are silent sentinels. Like lighthouses and coastal fortifications, they bear dates of former times when they were on high and dry land…

Coastal Erosion is Washing Away Our Archaeological Footprint, LA; NOLA (11-22-2015)
As Louisiana coastline is lost through the combined processes of erosion and subsidence, archaeological sites that were once situated on land erode-away with it and end up submerged, damaged or destroyed fully…

Parting the Sea to Save Venice; NASA (03-30-2014)
The sea has protected Venice since the fifth century, when people moved to the fish-shaped islands of Rialto for safety from mainland invaders. Over the next thirteen centuries, the seafaring city-state grew in power and strength. But the tide has turned, and the sea that once protected Venice now threatens it…

“The Beaches Are Moving,” A Video featuring Orrin Pilkey, PhD
World famous coastal geologist Orrin H. Pilkey takes us to the beach and explains why erosion has become a problem…


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