Surfers will be the canaries in the coal mine on climate change

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


If the sea level continues to rise, as scientists warn, there will be a serious consequence for the sport: smaller and fewer waves. Consistently higher tides will change the way waves break on reefs and beaches.

For beach breaks, “they’ll break closer to the shore, closer inland, and that means that they could be smaller waves or not break at all,”Sekich-Quinn explained. “The same goes for waves that break on a reef. When the reef is being inundated with additional levels of sea level rise, the wave just won’t break as it used to, and some fear it might not break at all.”

Without climate change intervention, those effects could become apparent in as a little as 50 years…

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Sebastian Inlet, Florida; By Eddie Jarvis (04-01-2011)
A surfer’s view of shoreline engineering…

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