Jars of sand from the beach among the most common items flagged, Florida

Siesta beach – Sarasota, florida. This crescent of fine white sand takes the top slot on a beach list that’s been ranking America’s coastlines since 1991. Photo source: ©© Betty B


Travelers check an average of 2 million bags a year while flying out of Southwest Florida International Airport.

TSA agents have seen it all; but said the most common item to be flagged in SWFL is the jar of sand you saved from the beach…

Read Full Article, Fox4 (06-19-2017)

Sand and deliver – Sardinians indignant over tourists stealing sand from beaches as souvenirs; The Telegraph (07-17-2016)
An increasing number of visitors are scooping the sand into plastic bottles or bags and trying to take it home as a reminder of their holidays. Some are stopped at the island’s airports by vigilant officials, who confiscate the keepsakes and warn tourists that taking sand, shells and any other natural materials from the island is an offense…