Hurricanes: A perfect storm of chance and climate change?

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Meteorologists struggled to find the right words to describe the situation as a line of three hurricanes—two of them major and all of them threatening land—brewed in the Atlantic basin in September 2017. Captions and Image source: NASA


The succession of intense and deadly tropical cyclones that have barrelled across the Atlantic in recent weeks have left many people wondering if a threshold of some sort has been crossed. Is this chain of hurricanes evidence of some significant new frontier in our changing climate?

The answer is mostly no, but with worrying undertones of yes…

Read Full Article, BBC News (09-21-2017)

What Harvey means for future storms across the nation; Op Ed By orrin H. Pilkey; The News & Observer (08-30-2017)

As the climate warms, we are ‘primed’ for worse storms than Sandy; Science Daily (10-06-2016)
With the climate warming and the sea level rising, conditions are ripe for storms deadlier and more devastating than Sandy that put more people at risk. If damaging storms become more frequent, retreat from areas with mounting repetitive losses will become a topic of discussion…

It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly; Guardian UK (08-28-2017)

IHurricanes, Human Rights and Fiji; IPS News (09-12-2017)

Half of Weather Disasters Linked to Climate Change; National Geographic (11-07-2015)
Human-caused changes in climate played a role in 14 of 28 storms, droughts, and other 2014 extreme weather events investigated by global scientists…

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