Category 5 Hurricane Maria closes in on Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico

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Atlantic tropical disturbances, 09-17-2017. Image source:NASA / Earth Observatory


Hurricane Maria’s destructive tear across the Caribbean is well underway, with the Category 5 storm obliterating parts of Dominica, killing at least one person in Guadeloupe and threatening “catastrophic” damage to Puerto Rico within 24 hours.

Maria strengthened once again Tuesday afternoon and is now hurling 165 mph (265 kph) winds as it moves in on St. Croix…

Read Full Article, CNN (09-19-2017)

Hurricane Maria: category 5 storm batters Caribbean – live; Guardian UK (09-19-2017)
The center of the storm was forecast to move over or near the US Virgin Island of St Croix and Puerto Rico on Tuesday night and Wednesday, leading to “life-threatening” floods…


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