Florida without its beaches: Seawall dooms state oceanfronts, By Robert Young

Seawall and beach erosion. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued an emergency authorization last week that will allow individual property owners in a portion of St. Johns County to build new seawalls without the typical engineering and scientific analysis.

This is a terrible mistake for the communities impacted. It is poor coastal management. And it will set a terrible precedent for future storm impacts in other areas of the state…

Read Full Article; Orlando Sentinel (09-25-2017)

“Seawalls Kill Beaches,” Open Letters by Warner Chabot And Rob Young; (10-03-2014)

Seawalls: Ecological effects of coastal armoring in soft sediment environments; Science Daily (07-24-2017)
For nearly a century, America’s coasts — particularly those with large urban populations — have been armored with human made structures such as seawalls. These structures essentially draw a line in the sand that constrains the ability of the shoreline to respond to changes in sea level and other dynamic coastal processes…


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