Walker doubles down on opposing Pebble Mine, Alaska

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Icy sunset, in King Salmon, Bristol Bay, Alaska. Photo source: ©© Brian Hoffman


Tomorrow, Pebble Limited Partnership CEO Tom Collier is expected to publicly outline a plan for the proposed Pebble Mine project for the first time.

Governor Bill Walker he’s against the controversial mine and said the mine’s developers have not yet proven to him that the project can be done without harming the Bristol Bay region’s salmon fishery…

Read Full Article; Alaska Public Radio (10-04-2017)

First glance at Pebble’s new plans; KDLG (10-05-2017)
Company reduced the scope of the project to 5.4 square miles, which would impact “negligible” amounts of fish habitat in the North and South Fork Koktuli drainages, says CEO Tom Collier…

A Tale of Two Futures: Alaskan Wild Salmon vs. the Pebble Mine; Huffington Green (09-06-2017)
No region on Earth is more conducive to wild salmon than the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska. Bristol Bay has a well-earned reputation as the “Fort Knox of wild salmon” – a place where annual salmon runs are measured not in the hundreds, not in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but in the tens of millions…

Global Congress Endorses Protection of Bristol Bay, Condemns Pebble Mine; NRDC (08-31-2016)

World Unites Against Pebble Mine, NRDC (09-06-2016)

The Wild Alaskan Lands at Stake If the Pebble Mine Moves Ahead; Yale E360 (07-31-2015)


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