EPA’s Pruitt vows to continue rolling back rules despite alarming climate report

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Ice melting has caused a drift in polar motion. Around the year 2000, Earth’s spin axis took an abrupt turn, and scientists have suggested that the loss of mass from Greenland and Antarctica’s rapidly melting ice sheet could be causing the eastward shift of the spin axis.
Earth does not always spin on an axis running through its poles. Instead, it wobbles irregularly over time, drifting toward North America throughout most of the 20th Century (green arrow). That direction has changed drastically due to changes in water mass on Earth.
Captions and image source: NASA/JPL-Caltech


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said a newly released government report that lays most of the blame for the rise of global temperatures to human activity won’t deter him from continuing to roll back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, a major rule aimed at combating climate change…

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Major report by government agencies goes against senior members of Trump administration and finds evidence of global warming stronger than ever…

Syria plans to join Paris climate accord, leaving U.S. as lone outlier, CBS news (11-07-2017)
Syria plans to join the Paris climate accord, an official from the war-ravaged country said Tuesday, a move that leaves the United States as the only United Nations member state not supporting the agreement…

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