South Carolina not doing enough to protect beaches, report says

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Sandbags and beach erosion, Isle of Palms, Charleston County, South Carolina. Photo source: ©© Maigh


South Carolina’s beach preparations are barely adequate to deal with worsening erosion, sea rise and intensifying storms, according to the latest Surfriders Foundation report.

The report comes while state regulators are trying to defuse a controversy over beach-building restriction and enforcement, and as Charleston and other coastal municipalities struggle to find ways to pay for billions of dollars in mitigation efforts to stave off a steady rise in flooding expected to occur by 2100…

Read Full Article, Post and Courrier (11-07-2017)

Battling erosion an endless job for South Carolina beach towns; Post And Courier (04-23-2017)
In South Carolina, beach renourishment is a never-ending job…

Robert Young: Seaward of Common Sense? SC Needs to Put an End to Building on the Beach, The State (02-11-2015)
South Carolina’s beautiful beaches are a vital component of this state’s economy. Managing them wisely is critical to the health of the economy and to ensuring that state and local tax dollars are not wasted on futile efforts to protect homes needlessly placed in areas of obvious high hazard…

Coastal geologist criticizes beach renourishment efforts; By Robert S. Young, PhD; The State (08-17-2016)
Rob Young, who heads the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines at Western Carolina University, said the government is subsidizing coastal development with renourishment money – and that’s costing taxpayers. Communities across the country have spent millions of dollars renourishing beaches. Those efforts encourage people to rebuild after every major hurricane…


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