Future arctic sea ice loss could dry out California

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Arctic. Photo source: NOAA


Arctic sea ice loss of the magnitude expected in the next few decades could impact California’s rainfall and exacerbate future droughts, according to new research led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists…

Read Full Article, Science Daily (12-05-2017)

Alliance between the Arctic and Tropics (02-2011)
No wonder “you melt, we sink” is the nightmare that unites 43 small developing island nations of the world, and Arctic organizations in their fight against climate change through a coalition called called Many Strong Voices.
Like the Arctic, small island nations account for a tiny percentage of world energy consumption and produce low levels of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions. Yet they’re already threatened by the same kind of unpredictable weather, storms and erosion due to the changing climate that has some Alaskan villages relocating inland…


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