Last of the ‘lost paradise’ islands

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Deserted island, Andaman. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


It is one of the last parts of Asia to see the sunset, it has some of the finest white-sand beaches in the world and its coral reefs are teeming with fish. But there is one big difference between the beaches on this tropical island group and Gisborne’s Midway, Waikanae and Wainui beaches: there are no people.

The beaches in the Mergui archipelago are deserted…

Read Full Article, The Gisborne Herald (12-17-2017)

Mergui: paradise about to be lost? TR Weekly (12-01-2017)
Currently lacking any significant tourism infrastructure, the formerly off-limits region in the Andaman Sea only opened to pioneer tourism in 1997 after half a century of isolation, but next year it is poised for a flurry of development…

Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago: Sailing through one of Earth’s last paradises; CNN (01-16-2017)


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