On the Chesapeake, A Precarious Future of Rising Seas and High Tides; Video

Eroding marsh shoreline, Chesapeake Bay. Photo source: ©© chesbayprogram


Maryland’s Dorchester County is ground zero for climate change on Chesapeake Bay, as rising seas claim more and more land. An e360 video explores the quiet beauty of this liquid landscape and how high tides and erosion are putting the bay’s rural communities at risk…

Read Full Article And Watch Video, Yale E360 (01-22-2018)

Century of data shows sea-level rise shifting tides in Delaware, Chesapeake bays; Science Daily (01-24-2018)

727 People on Chesapeake Bay Island Could Become America’s First ‘Climate Refugees’; LiveScience (12-15-2015)

Communities of Southern Chesapeake Bay Find Sea Level Rise Heightened by Sinking Land, USGS (12-11-2013)
Communities and coastal habitats in the southern Chesapeake Bay region face increased flooding because, as seawater levels are rising in the bay, the land surface is also sinking. A new USGS report concludes that intensive groundwater withdrawals are a major cause of the sinking land, that contributes to flooding risks in the region…

Tangier Island: Another Disappearing Island In The Chesapeake Bay, a BBC Video Documentary (11-29-2011)
Tangier Island lies in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and is 92 miles (148km) southeast of Washington, DC. This small piece of land is barely above sea level and its 500 residents are fighting for its survival…