Massive ‘bomb cyclone’ pounds Northeast, bringing strong winds and flooding

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Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


A massive nor’easter is pummeling the East Coast, halting travel as it brings damaging winds, coastal flooding, heavy rain and inland snow to 15 states…

Read Full Article; ABC News (03-02-2018)

Nor’easter will create record storm surge Friday night; The Washington Post (03-02-2018)

Photos: Bomb cyclone’ hammers East Coast; CNN (03-02-2018)

This perfect storm could bring historic flooding to Boston for the second time in 57 days; Quartz (03-02-2018)
The powerful nor’easter walloping the East Coast with strong wind, heavy rain, and snow has the potential to become one of the most destructive storms in recent memory…

Hurricanes are not to blame for most big storm surges in Northeast; PhysOrg (02-15-2018)
Hurricanes spawn most of the largest storm surges in the northeastern U.S., right? Wrong, according to a study by Rutgers University-New Brunswick scientists. Extratropical cyclones , including nor’easters and other non-tropical storms, generate most of the large storm surges in the Northeast…


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