Newport Beach Officials Prepare for Possibility of Big Tsunami That Could Flood Large Swaths of City

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Areas that would be inundated (in red) from the SAFRR Tsunami Scenario in Newport Beach in Orange County, California. This includes complete and partial flooding of islands and near overtopping of Balboa Peninsula. Photo Credit: SAFRR Tsunami Scenario. Captions and Photo source: USGS


Tsunami and emergency response experts at a Newport workshop last week offered tips on how to avoid the devastation of the quake-triggered waves…

Read Full Article; KTLA (03-26-2018)

Could underwater sound waves be the key to early tsunami warnings? Science Daily (01-24-2018)
Mathematicians have devised a way of calculating the size of a tsunami and its destructive force well in advance of it making landfall by measuring fast-moving underwater sound waves, opening up the possibility of a real-time early warning system…


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