Seaside homes in Norfolk evacuated over fears they could fall into the sea, UK

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Severe coastal erosion, Happisburgh, Norfolk, UK. Photo source: ©© Martin


Homes in Norfolk have been evacuated amid fears they could be washed into the sea, repeating devastating scenes of 2013…

Read Full Article; Yahoo News UK (03-18-2018)

One in ten historic coastal landfill sites in England are at risk of erosion; Science Daily (11-16-2017)
Coastal erosion may release waste from ten per cent of England’s historic coastal landfills in the next forty years, according to research from Queen Mary University of London and the Environment Agency…

Floods and erosion are ruining Britain’s most significant sites; Guardian UK (02-07-2017)
Climate change is already wrecking some of Britain’s most significant sites, from Wordsworth’s gardens in Cumbria to the white cliffs on England’s south coast, according to a new report…

Popular Coastal Attraction Suffered 7 years’ Worth of Erosion in 2 Months, UK; BBC News (03-02-2014)

Coastal Construction: How Britain’s Shoreline Changed in 50 Years; Guardian UK (11-18-2015)
Built-up areas have increased by more than 40% along Britain’s coast over five decades,but conservationists have saved almost all seaside landscapes identified as “pristine” 50 years ago, a survey has found…

Coastal Erosion: A series of Special Reports, Guardian UK (08-17-2015)

Growing Climate Change Threat to Britain’s Historic Coastline, The Telegraph UK (06-12-2015)
Hundreds of miles of British coastline – so long the symbol of this nation’s island story – are collapsing through worsening erosion. A report by the National Trust (NT) later this year is expected to warn that more action will be needed to protect threatened sites…

Shrinking Britain will force land to be abandoned to the sea, Guardian UK (04-02-2012)
Geologists take the long view, which can lead to some striking thoughts, and here is one: Britain is shrinking. As the waves crash onto the shores of this island, the rock is worn away or falls off in chunks, and, as the adage goes, they are not making land any more in Britain…

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