In an internal memo, the White House considered whether to simply ‘ignore’ federal climate research

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White House officials last year weighed whether to simply “ignore” climate studies produced by government scientists or to instead develop “a coherent, fact-based message about climate science,” according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post…

Read Full Article; The Washington Post (05-23-2018)

Trump official under fire after granting broad access to mining and oil firms; Guardian UK (03-09-2018)
A key Trump administration official scheduled roughly twice as many meetings with mining and fossil-fuel representatives as with environmental groups, public records requests have revealed…

Federal penalties against polluters at lowest level in a decade under Trump; Guardian UK (02-09-2018)
Figures released by the EPA show that 115 crime cases were opened in 2017, down from a peak of nearly 400 in 2009…

EPA Fines Declined More than 70 Percent in 2017; Yale E360 (02-09-2018)
The Environmental Protection Agency fined polluters $1.6 billion in penalties for breaking emissions rules in fiscal year 2017 — one-fifth of the $5.7 billion that the Obama-era EPA fined companies and municipalities the year before…

Top US firms including Walmart and Ford oppose Trump on climate change; Guardian UK (12-01-2017)

Global Climate Meeting Will Forge Ahead, Despite Trump’s Contempt; Scientific American (11-03-2017)

Top US firms including Walmart and Ford oppose Trump on climate change; Guardian UK (12-01-2017))
The big businesses Donald Trump claims to champion are increasingly choosing to ignore the US president’s sceptical stance on climate change and press ahead towards their own environmental goals without him.

In the Trump era, rising seas still a concern for Defense Department; The Virginian Pilot (10-27-2017)
Climate scientists in the federal government have been on the defensive since President Donald Trump took office in January. But military leaders will continue to address the risks that climate change poses to bases and national security, a senior Pentagon official said at conference Friday on sea level rise…

As Trump Retreats, States Are Joining Forces on Climate Action; Yale E360 (10-09-2017)

The fight against climate change: four cities leading the way in the Trump era; Guardian UK (06-12-2017)

101 ways to fight climate change; Curbed (04-21-2018)


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