Surf, sand, and sun: International Surfing Day

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Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Surfing is more than the physical act of riding waves. Many surfers are ocean-lovers and for them it can be a spiritual connection with Mother Nature, a place to seek solace.

Surfers are inherent caretakers of the coast, stewards on the sand and advocates of the sea.

And that’s what was celebrated on Saturday, International Surfing Day…

The theme of this year’s ISD is “Protect & Enjoy…”

Read Full Article; OC Register (06-16-2018)

Celebrate International Surfing Day: where will you surf this weekend? East Coast, West Coast and International Outlook; Surfline (06-16-2018)

Celebrate International Surfing Day; Saturday June 16th 2018; Surfrider Foundation (06-16-2018)
The theme of this year’s ISD is “Protect & Enjoy.” Head to the beach, take someone surfing for the first time, participate in a beach cleanup and make your voice heard…

Vanessa. Photograph courtesy of: ©JP

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