“A place in crisis”: Author documents life on disappearing Tangier Island

Tangier Island, Virginia. Photo source: USACE HQ


Tangier Island, which is home to about 450 people, is slowly disappearing due to sea level change and shoreline erosion…

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727 People on Chesapeake Bay Island Could Become America‚Äôs First ‘Climate Refugees’; LiveScience (12-15-2015)
Rising seas will likely render the last inhabited island in Virginia uninhabitable in 50 years, a new study finds…

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Tangier Island: Another Disappearing Island In The Chesapeake Bay, a BBC Video Documentary (11-29-2011)
Tangier Island lies in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and is 92 miles (148km) southeast of Washington, DC. This small piece of land is barely above sea level and its 500 residents are fighting for its survival…