Muddy waters: Exploring mangrove governance in Tanzania

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


At the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Nairobi later this month, a side event devoted specifically to mangrove preservation and restoration around the African continent’s coastlines will attract a range of stakeholders offering an opportunity to review lessons learned from research undertaken in the Rufiji Delta and mangrove ecosystems across the globe…

Read Full Article, “Muddy waters: Exploring mangrove governance in Tanzania’s Rufiji Delta and beyond,” Landscape News (08-16-2018)

Tanzania: Mangrove Project Bears Fruit; All’Africa (07-17-2016)
Thanks to a mangrove planting project, villagers have managed to protect their areas, where seawater had been regularly spilling over the farms destroying their crops, and conserve the environment by involving members of the public in planting mangroves…

Mapping blue carbon in mangroves worldwide; Science Daily (08-02-2018)
Mangroves store greater amounts of carbon than any other terrestrial ecosystem, which helps reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When carbon is stored in the ocean or coastal ecosystems, it is called blue carbon. However, a more precise estimate of how much blue carbon is stored by mangroves has not been available until recently…

Where the land meets the sea: Governing mangrove forests; Forests News (02-02-2017)
As countries ponder how to encourage mangrove conservation, the role of people, rights, and governance institutions should receive equal consideration…

The Human Element of Mangrove Management; USAID (12-16-2016)


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