Why sea level rise threatens more than just land

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In the Southeast, we stand to lose precious wildlife and culture, too.

According to the scientific journal Plos One, more than 13,000 archaeological sites across the Southeast will disappear, many of those historical, cultural and architectural treasures are found on refuges from North Carolina to Florida to Texas…

Read Full Article; MNN (09-30-2018)

Buried in marshes’: sea-level rise could destroy historic sites on US east coast; Guardian UK (11-29-2017)
Large tracts of America’s east coast heritage are at risk from being wiped out by sea level rise, with the rising oceans set to threaten more than 13,000 archaeological and historic sites, according to new research…

Study finds knowledge gaps on protecting cultural sites from climate change; ScienceDaily (03-07-2017)
Many cultural sites vulnerable to climate-related changes such as rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding from stronger storms, warn researchers…

Study seeks to protect key sites from coastal erosion; Scotland; BBC News (01-05-2018)
Researchers are investigating ways to protect Scotland’s coastline against the effects of climate change…

Climate change imperils one in four natural heritage sites: report; Phys.Org (11-13-2017)
Climate change imperils one in four natural World Heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands—nearly double the number from just three years ago…

How Natural World Heritage Sites Are Being Spoiled; Yale E360 (02-02-2017)
When a place is designated a Natural World Heritage Site, it is a recognition that it has “outstanding universal value” and must be protected. But a new study shows many of these sites are being severely damaged by human activity and are deteriorating rapidly…

Cemeteries in the Sea; By William J. Neal & Orrin H. Pilkey (11-01-2013)
Cemeteries by the sea are silent sentinels. Like lighthouses and coastal fortifications, they bear dates of former times when they were on high and dry land…


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