Indonesia plans to relocate its capital from Jakarta

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Flooding, Jakarta. Photo source: ©© Mulya Amri


Indonesia plans to move its capital city from Jakarta, according to the country’s planning minister. Jakarta is home to more than 10 million people according to the United Nations, with an estimated 30 million in the greater metropolitan area. The nation is prone to flooding and is sinking at an alarming rate…

Read Full Article; CNN (04-29-2019)

Can the $40 Billion Great Garuda Project Stop Jakarta From Sinking Into the Sea? Inhabitat (10-16-2014)
Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is sinking into the sea. And forget the fuss about Venice dropping at a rate of 0.08 inches per year, Jakarta – home to 10 million people and counting – is sinking at between 2.9 and 6.7 inches per year, as some areas submerge faster than others. While rising sea levels are a contributing factor to this, by far the greater cause is unchecked groundwater extraction from below the city to provide fresh water to the ever-growing population. To try to stave off the impending inundation of sea water, the city has engaged Dutch firm Witteveen+Bos to manage a $40 billion land reclamation and sea wall project that will construct 17 new islands and take an estimated 30 years to complete…

Sinking Jakarta Starts Building Giant Wall as Sea Rises, Bloomberg (11-11-2014)
Jakarta, a former Dutch trading port, is one of the world’s megacities most at risk from rising sea levels. That’s because parts of the metropolis of almost 30 million people are sinking by as much as 6 inches a year, more than 10 times faster than the sea is rising…

The Great Wall of Jakarta, Reuters (12-22-2014)
In an effort to save Jakarta from drowning, an ambitious plan has been endorsed. The centerpiece of the plan will be an outer seawall built on reclaimed land several miles out in Jakarta Bay. Jakarta will need to assess the Giant Sea Wall against “a range of options to see if it makes economic sense…

Sea wall planned to save sinking Jakarta, Al Jazeera (11-25-2014)
Environmentalists say project to protect reclaimed land in Indonesia could wipe out coastal and fishing communities…


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