What happens when a country drowns? These 5 island nations will disappear first

Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Global climate change is endangering small island countries, many of them developing nations, potentially harming their ability to function as independent states…

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Images: Five Solomon islands swallowed by the sea; CNN
Five of the Solomon Islands have completely disappeared under water over the past seven decades, one drawing its last breath as recently as 2011, according to a new study. Another six islands have lost more than 20% of their surface area, forcing communities to relocate as the shoreline closes in on their homes…

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Scientists have said that the island nation, along with other low-lying Pacific nations, could be uninhabitable within decades. Sea level is rising 50 percent faster than it was 20 years ago and that is a real cause for alarm, so it is not a future thing we are really seeing that acceleration…

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Five Pacific islands vanish from sight as sea levels rise; New Scientist (05-09-2016)
Five of the Solomon Islands have been swallowed whole by rising sea levels, offering a glimpse into the future of other low-lying nations…

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“When many understand climate change in concept but not through personal experience, this exhibit carries great weight…”