“Everything is gone”: Hurricane Dorian survivors share stories of survival in the Bahamas

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Hurricane Dorian’s Eye Seen from the International Space Station. Astronaut Nick Hague, aboard the International Space Station, posted this photograph of Hurricane Dorian to Twitter on Sept. 2, 2019. He added, “You can feel the power of the storm when you stare into its eye from above.”. Photo source: NASA


The death toll in the Bahamas rose to 20 people on Wednesday night after Hurricane Dorian devastated the string of islands. CBS News flew with the U.S. Coast Guard over the areas hit hardest on Wednesday, seeing home after home torn apart. The U.N. said 70,000 are in immediate need of aid…

Aboard the HC-144 cargo plane, the devastation is clear. The fragile islands were no match for Dorian’s Category 5 fury and the landscape looks like a bomb site. Not only was the Coast Guard in rescue mode, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection is also helping out…

Read Full Article; CBS News(09-04-2019)


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