Hurricane Dorian moving up East Coast after leaving Bahamas in ruins

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Earliest reasonable arrival time of tropical storm Dorian. The timing graphics are created using the same Monte Carlo wind speed probability model that is currently used to determine the risk of tropical-storm- and hurricane-force winds at individual locations – a model in which 1000 plausible scenarios are constructed using the official NHC tropical cyclone forecast and its historical errors. Additional information on this product and the underlying technique is available on the NHC website. (09-04-2019)


Hurricane Dorian brought wind gusts and heavy rain to Florida Wednesday as the storm slowly moved north up the East Coast. In the Bahamas, parts of the nation of low-lying islands were in ruins.

While Florida didn’t get the brunt of the storm, North Carolina and South Carolina were bracing for a direct hit. Dorian could still potentially make landfall Thursday or Friday…

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