Live Update: Hurricane Dorian threatens the US east Coast after devastating the Bahamas

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These graphics show probabilities of sustained (1-minute average) surface wind speeds equal to or exceeding 34 kt (39 mph). These wind speed probability graphics are based on the official National Hurricane Center (NHC) track, intensity, and wind radii forecasts, NHCC (09-04-2019)


Where’s Dorian? It’s off Florida’s east coast, moving north. It could reach the coasts of the Carolinas later in the week. Track the storm here.

Bahamas: At least 7 people were killed when Dorian devastated the islands…

Read Full Article; CNN (09-04-2019)

Hurricane Dorian Will Pound Coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia Through Friday; Weather Channel (09-04-2019)


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