World ‘gravely’ unprepared for effects of climate crisis – report

Miami City’s Skyline, Through the Reflex System of a Camera. Photo courtesy of: ©Marc Martinez


Trillions of dollars needed to avoid ‘climate apartheid’ but this is less than cost of inaction.

The world’s readiness for the inevitable effects of the climate crisis is “gravely insufficient”, according to a report from global leaders.

This lack of preparedness will result in poverty, water shortages and levels of migration soaring, with an “irrefutable toll on human life”, the report warns.

The report has been produced by the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA), convened by 18 nations. It has contributions from the former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, the Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, environment ministers from China, India and Canada, the heads of the World Bank and the UN climate and environment divisions, and others…

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