Brazilians rally to clean beaches amid outrage at Bolsonaro’s oil spill inaction

Brazil, Atlantic coast. Photograph: © SAF — Coastal Care


Nobody knows where the oil is from or why it keeps washing up on Brazilian beaches.

“People in the north-east are cleaning the oil from the coast with their own hands while the federal government is immobile…”

Read Full Article; Guardian UK (10-22-2019)

Scientists rush to rescue sea turtles threatened by mysterious Brazil oil spill; PRI (10-15-2019)
Crude oil has been washing up along a 1,200-mile stretch of coastline of the Brazilian northeast for over a month, leaving more than 150 of Brazil’s postcard-perfect beaches covered in thick, sludgy black patches. It is also along this coastline that olive ridley and loggerhead sea turtles come to make their nests and lay their eggs…

Mysterious Oil Spill Becomes New Environmental Crisis for Brazil; The NYT (10-08-2019)
A mysterious oil spill that has polluted shores along a vast area of Brazil’s northeast may have resulted from unspecified criminal activity. An estimated 100 tons of crude has drifted toward land since early September, polluting some of the country’s most pristine beaches…