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Cruise ship captain fined €100,000 for using dirty fuel

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The captain of a cruise ship found to be burning fuel with excessive sulphur levels has been fined €100,000 in a Marseille court, the first such ruling in France. The prosecution was intended to signal a new seriousness in tackling pollution from cruise ships.

145 pilot whales die in stranding on New Zealand beach

A group of 145 pilot whales stranded themselves on a remote New Zealand beach and died.

‘Washaway Beach,’ fastest-eroding place on the West Coast, cobbles together a solution

There’s a reason a quiet and desolate strip of sand here is nicknamed Washaway Beach. Coastal erosion has claimed an average of 100 feet of this shoreline every year for the last century. That makes North Cove the fastest-eroding place on the West Coast.

Climate Solutions: Is It Feasible to Remove Enough CO2 from the Air?

A U.S. scientific panel reports that technologies that take CO2 out of the atmosphere could be a significant part of a strategy to mitigate global warming.

More than 100 sea turtles found dead off Cape Cod

A total of 173 sea turtles died off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this week because of the extreme cold.

Undeniable climate change facts

Glaciers are melting; sea levels are rising. And 17 of the 18 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001.

New government report reveals staggering economic and health toll of climate change

Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, according to a long-awaited report released Friday by the federal government.

Midnight Blue – a sand art animation, by David Myriam

This ecological tale takes us to the heart of the underwater world, between night and light, following the rhythm of a whale’s meditations, a privileged witness of human activity on the oceans.

Bondi Beach to facilitate access for wheelchairs


Bondi Beach is to introduce beach mats for anyone unable to traverse through the soft sand, primarily those who use wheelchairs, after a woman’s Kickstarter campaign received 25,000 signatures. The campaign is to ensure everyone can make the most of the beach.

Beach sand mining in Grenada triggers loss of trees and beach erosion

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To the great frustration of some residents, illegal sand mining operations have been ongoing on Grenada’s beaches. Trucks have been seen daily, driving away loaded with bags of beach sand.

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