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13 of the dirtiest beaches in the world

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Wide scale pollution has turned some of the world’s most beautiful beaches into trash heaps.

Beach Wheelchair Donation Allows Everyone to Enjoy the Sand


Accessibility to the beach is not always available to everyone but, a new initiative, called “S.E.A,” which stands for Safety, Environment and Activities is changing that. A local group, in Okaloosa County, Florida, is making it easier for everyone to get on the sand.

Scientists calculate impact of China’s ban on plastic waste imports

News, Pollution

Scientists have calculated the potential global impact of China’s ban on plastic waste imports and how this policy might affect efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the world’s landfills and natural environment.

Heading to the beach? Get ready for thick, slimy seaweed

Thick mats of seaweed have washed up on South Florida beaches in recent weeks, creating a tangled, squishy barrier between swimmers and the ocean.

How one man died so a whale might live

Humans have spent more than 10 centuries emptying the ocean of some of its most extraordinary animals. Today, a coalition of scientists and fishermen are trying to turn the tide – and learning that conservation is much harder than destruction

Exploding lava creates new danger as Kilauea flows into the sea


A new video from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) shows explosions occurring in mid-air as lava flows into the ocean near the Big Island. They’re called “littoral explosions” and they occur when molten lava flows into cool ocean water.

Ex-Nasa scientist: 30 years on, world is failing ‘miserably’ to address climate change

Thirty years after a former Nasa scientist sounded the alarm for the general public about climate change and human activity, the expert issued a fresh warning that the world is failing “miserably” to deal with the worsening dangers.

Sea level rise study shows Charleston area one of the riskiest places to live in Southeast

Within the next three decades, nearly 8,000 homes in Charleston County, SC, could flood at least 26 times a year if the sea level rises by 2 feet, considered by climate experts to be a worst-case scenario.

European fishermen mobilize against electric fishing

Small-scale and traditional fishermen across the European Union are mobilizing in several European ports this Monday to complain against electric fishing and to call on public decision-makers to definitively ban this destructive fishing technique.

Flooding from sea level rise threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes – study

Sea level rise driven by climate change is set to pose an existential crisis to many US coastal communities, with new research finding that as many as 311,000 homes face being flooded every two weeks within the next 30 years.

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