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China meets 2020 carbon target ahead of schedule


China met its 2020 carbon intensity target three years ahead of schedule last year.

Illegal beach scraping practices in Florida

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Four beachfront homeowners are receiving warnings from state for removing sand from beach with machinery to create a “small frontal dune at the base of the original eroded dune.” The practice of ‘beach scraping’ was common during the early part of the 1900s, but improper practices eventually led to state regulation.

Who knows where the sand goes?

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After years of rebuilding Delaware Bayshore beaches decimated by Hurricane Sandy, the American Littoral Society and its partners have developed a computer tool to help predict where the sand will travel.

Dolphins tear up nets as fish numbers fall

University of Exeter researchers studied the impact of bottlenose dolphins on fisheries off northern Cyprus and said Mediterranean overfishing had created a “vicious cycle” of dolphins and fishers competing for dwindling stocks.

Students Dig Into Decades of Turtle Data

More than three decades’ worth of information is, for the first time, being pieced together to tell a story of sea turtle nesting habits on Bald Head Island’s shores.

Federal report: High-tide flooding could happen ‘every other day’ by late this century

High-tide flooding, which can wash water over roads and inundate homes and businesses, is an event that happens once in a great while in coastal areas. But its frequency has rapidly increased in recent years because of sea-level rise. Not just during storms but increasingly on sunny days, too.

The World’s Dirtiest River is Getting Cleaned Up; A Video

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“The Citarum river, in 7 years, will be the cleanest river.” – Indonesian President Widodo…

Struggling in the surf: Australian beaches pose dangers to newcomers


Despite a campaign launched in 2016 by the Australian Water Safety Council, the number of drowning fatalities has risen year-on-year since 2015.

This Could Be the ‘Beginning of the End’ for North Atlantic Right Whales

Researchers who have been observing migrating North Atlantic right whales, which are endangered, are troubled by what they found this season: no sign of any newborns.

South-east Asia closes island beaches to recover from climate change and tourism

More popular South-east Asian islands will be off limits to visitors this year as officials seek to protect eco-systems crumbling from warming seas and unchecked sprawl, despite the risk to tourism revenues and tens of thousands of jobs.

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