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From Myanmar to Mumbai: your images of plastic waste around the world

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Readers document the rising environmental crisis of plastic waste, as the planet struggles to cope with a million plastic bottles being sold every minute…

Should popular St. Maarten jet-watching spot be closed after tourist’s death?


A deadly accident involving a powerful blast from a jet engine has led to calls for tourists to stay away from a popular beach on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

Coastal Commission approves agreement to close last beach sand mining operation in mainland U.S.

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The California Coastal Commission on Thursday unanimously approved an agreement to end the mining of beach sand in Monterey County — the last operation of its type in the mainland United States.

Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic

One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica.

As Seas Rise, Tropical Pacific Islands Face a Perfect Storm

Although they have done little to contribute to global warming, Pacific islanders may face some of the most dire consequences of rising seas. In a Yale e360 interview, geologist Chip Fletcher describes the threats confronting Hawaii and other islands and discusses potential adaptation strategies.

Earth already in midst of sixth mass extinction, scientists say – video report

The scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has reported that the Earth is already in the stages of the sixth mass extinction, which will see the world’s wildlife and plants die out. The research found that species, including those which are not endangered, had reduced in number due to habitation shrinkage, hunting, pollution and climate change

Seven right whales found dead in ‘devastating’ blow to endangered animal

Seven North Atlantic right whales have been found floating lifelessly in the Gulf of St Lawrence, off Canada, in recent weeks, in what is being described as a “catastrophic” blow to one of the world’s most endangered whales.

Indigenous Artists Turn Ghost Nets — Which Destroy Australia’s Ocean Life — Into Artwork

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Ghost nets — the name given to abandoned or discarded fishing nets — are dangerous traps for marine life and are a particular problem on Australia’s far north coast. But one group, GhostNets Australia, is dedicated to removing the nets and cleaning up the ocean. And a group of indigenous artists are turning those nets into powerful works of art.

Unique coral reef at risk as oil companies plan to drill near Amazon river mouth

Oil companies planning to drill near a vast coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river have calculated that the unique ecosystem has a 30% chance of being affected in the event of an oil spill. The unique reef system astonished marine biologists when its existence was widely revealed last year, and is believed it could be the home for dozens of previously unknown species.

Alarm as mangrove forests at the Kenyan Coast rapidly disappear

A recent study carried out at Tudor Creek – the water body separating Mombasa Island from the mainland – shows that more than 80 per cent of mangroves along the Indian Ocean coast in the area have been wiped out.

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