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Canada Plans to Ban Single-Use Plastics, Joining Growing Global Movement

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Canada on Monday joined a growing global movement with a plan to ban single-use plastics blighting the environment.

Teens swimmers did a synchronized routine in a pool full of plastic

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Teens synchronised swimmers performed their World Championship routine in a pool full of plastic. Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thrope struggled through thousands of items of floating plastic. This thought-provoking routine aimed to highlight the threat of plastic to the Earth’s oceans and the consequences future generations face unless something is done.

Near-record ‘dead zone’ predicted in Gulf of Mexico

Scientists are predicting a near-record Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” where the water holds too little oxygen to sustain marine life.

Line in Sand Appears at Rosewood Miramar Beach, and Locals Aren’t Happy About It

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Coastal access is a hot-button issue in California, whether it’s Miramar Beach, Goleta Beach County Park or Hollister Ranch. The California Coastal Act states that beaches and the sand below the mean high tide line are open to the public, even if people own private property along the beach. Not everyone knows that — or is willing to abide by the law.

Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain

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The largest habitat for life on Earth is the deep ocean. It’s home to everything from jellyfish to giant bluefin tuna. But the deep ocean is being invaded by tiny pieces of plastic — plastic that people thought was mostly floating at the surface, and in amounts they never imagined.

Microplastic throughout Monterey Bay

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A new study shows that microplastic particles are not only common from the surface to the seafloor, but they’re also being eaten by animals and incorporated into marine food webs. The most abundant types of plastic found in the water samples match those commonly used in consumer products. Most plastic waste comes from land, although it may travel far on ocean currents.

Americans Consume Tens of Thousands of Microplastic Particles Every Year


Americans consume more than 70,000 microplastic particles every year from the food they eat, the water they drink, and the air they breathe, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Watch Out: Your Money Is Being Used to Destroy the World!

How governments spend taxpayers money to subsidise fossil fuels that cause deadly air pollution – A reminder to mark 5 June World Environment Day.

Scientists start the clock on human impact

Though it’s clear we’re currently living in it, scientists have long debated when the Anthropocene, the epoch of human dominance over the planet, first began. The Anthropocene Working Group (AWG), a panel of scientists, recently voted to official recognize the epoch and suggested starting it in the middle of the 20th century

Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds


Most diamonds are made of cooked seabed. The diamond on your finger is most likely made of recycled seabed cooked deep in the Earth. Traces of salt trapped in many diamonds show the stones are formed from ancient seabeds that became buried deep beneath the Earth’s crust, according to new research.

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