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Sand Mining in Uganda Poses a Serious Threat to the Environment

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Environmentalists in Uganda say an important wetland that runs along a highway linking the capital city of Kampala to the southwestern town of Masaka is being harmed by aggressive dredging to extract sand.

Cyclone Marcus


It is the first category 5 cyclone of 2018 and the strongest to hit Darwin, Australia, since 1974. But so far, Cyclone Marcus has directed most of its fury into the Indian Ocean, rather than onto landmasses.

Rescuers scramble to help beached whales after mass stranding in Australia

More than 140 short-finned pilot whales died after a mass stranding on a beach in Western Australia.

FEMA is buying homes in this Alaskan town because of climate change

The village of Newtok, Alaska, is trying to escape catastrophic coastal erosion. Its residents have even been called America’s first climate refugees. But because traditional FEMA disaster funding doesn’t cover climate-related threats, they’ve struggled for years to find funding to relocate to a new location 9 miles away, called Mertarvik.

“Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is growing rapidly, study reveals

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Researchers estimate that at least 79,000 tons of ocean plastic are floating in waters between California and Hawaii – and known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” an area spanning 1.6 million square kilometers, or about 618,000 square miles – “four to sixteen times higher than previously reported,” the study says.

Is Desalination an Answer to the Water Crisis?


On World Water Day, March 22, universal access to clean water continues to be a privilege… Despite the fact that our oceans and seas make up more than 97% of the earth’s water resources and half the world’s population lives no further than 40 miles from the water, we’re experiencing one water crisis after another. Adding to that frustration is the fact that solutions exist today which could ameliorate our water issues.

A judge asks basic questions about climate change. We answer them

California judge William Alsup put out a list of questions for a climate change ‘tutorial’ in a global warming case.

Pacific influences European weather

Sea surface temperature in the distant tropical Pacific can influence November weather in Europe.

The World Added Nearly 30 Percent More Solar Energy Capacity in 2017

The global solar market grew 29.3 percent last year, with nations installing 98.9 gigawatts of new capacity, according to data from the industry group SolarPower Europe.

On the Louisiana Coast, A Native Community Sinks Slowly into the Sea

The Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians of southern Louisiana have been called America’s first climate refugees. But two years after receiving federal funding to move to higher ground, the tribe is stuck in limbo, waiting for new homes as the water inches closer to their doors.

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