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Hydropower in Cambodia could threaten food security of region

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Farmers and anglers in Cambodia depend on the Mekong River’s predictable seasonal patterns, but new dams for hydroelectricity are altering the hydrology of the river. These changes have the potential to threaten fish migration, livelihoods, and regional food security.

Economic models significantly underestimate climate change risks

Policymakers are being misinformed by the results of economic models that underestimate the future risks of climate change impacts, according to a new journal paper by authors in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is published today (4 June 2018).

How India’s Fishermen Turn Ocean Plastic Into Roads

In an innovative project, fishermen in Kerala collect ocean plastic for recycling, cleaning the ocean in the process.


Plastic pollution: ‘Scourge’ of debris on UK beaches tackled

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More than 400 beaches around England will be checked weekly in a bid to tackle the “scourge” of discarded plastic, the Environment Agency (EA) has said.

How Running on the Beach Can Boost Your Performance

Studies have shown that running on the beach, —especially on soft, dry sand that’’s typically found farther from the water’’s edge— will likely lower one’s odds of impact-associated overuse injuries.

A wider, deeper beach awaits Ocean City vacationers, but is it safe?

Ocean City vacationers may notice deeper, wider beaches, the result of a $282 million sand-dredging project aimed at protecting the resort town from storm damage. But the work also raises concerns about surf injuries and swimmer safety.

A guide to Barcelona’s beaches

Even without its beaches, Barcelona would be one of Europe’s coolest destinations thanks to its groundbreaking food scene, unique architecture and legendary nightlife. But the cherry on the sundae is the three-mile strip of nearly continuous golden sand, which is so wired into its heart that it’s like the entire city’s backyard.

Management Strategies for Coastal Erosion Processes; By Nelson Rangel-Buitrago

The Special Issue Management Strategies for Coastal Erosion Processes (MSforCEP) presents an international collection of papers related to the implementation of various management strategies for coastal erosion under specific objectives.

After the storm, By Andrew Jalbert

“After the storm,” is an image from Andrew Jalbert.

Sun, sea and the open road: an American fly-drive for beach fans

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Want an ocean drive? Visit some of the best beaches in the world with a trip to Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles.

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