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At the Intersection of Coastal Peru and a Cloud Bank


In the winter, the coast of Peru is a very cloudy place. In this part of the Pacific Ocean, the Humboldt Current provokes coastal upwelling; that is, cooler water from the ocean depths are pulled up to the surface.

Origin of Mysterious ‘Cannon Earthquakes’ in Red Sea Found


For generations, Bedouin nomads living in the region of the Egyptian coastal resort Abu Dabbab, by the Red Sea, have heard noises that sound like cannon blasts accompanying small quakes in the area.

Tropical Storm Bill Bears Down on Texas Coast


According to NOAA’s forecast and advisory, the combination of a storm surge and the tide will cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded by risingwaters.

Erosion and the Disappearance of Senegal’s coast

At their recent summit in Germany, G7 leaders agreed to limit global warming to 2°C, but along Senegal’s coast, the consequences of climate change are already tangible. The coastline is suffering severe land loss due to erosion.

Accelerated Warming of the Continental Shelf Off Northeast Coast

A couple of unexplained large scale changes in the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. have oceanographers perplexed: an accelerated rate of sea level rise compared to most other parts of the world; and the disturbing signs of collapsing fisheries in the region.

Former Liberia Minister Ponders Lawsuit Over Buchanan Ongoing Beach Sand Mining

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The ongoing beach sand mining in Buchanan communities seem to be undermining government’s and her partners collective efforts to prevent reoccurrence of the devastation of sea erosion in Buchanan City. “On a daily basis, trucks are seen hauling sand from the beach… this is scary and environmentally dangerous.”

My Generation Does Give a Damn About Climate Change, Says 14-year-old Activist

14-year-old activist explains why young people are not afraid to take on the fossil fuel industry.

Turning to the Ocean to Help Unravel the Mysteries of Cloud Formation

To understand the Earth’s climate, scientists must consider and measure both human-made environmental pollutants and naturally occurring processes that influence how much energy the planet absorbs from the sun or radiates back into space. One naturally occurring process that plays a big role in this delicate balance is the formation of clouds.

Ancient Seashell Coloration Patterns Revealed Using Ultraviolet Light

Nearly 30 ancient seashell species coloration patterns were revealed using ultraviolet (UV) light, according to a recent study. Determining the coloration patterns of the ancient shells may be important for understanding their relationships to modern species…

Growing Climate Change Threat to Britain’s Historic Coastline

Hundreds of miles of British coastline – so long the symbol of this nation’s island story – are collapsing through worsening erosion. A report by the National Trust (NT) later this year is expected to warn that more action will be needed to protect threatened sites.

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