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Letter: Beach Erosion Lesson

The Kiawah Island developers who want legislators to change a proposed state law so that they can build on accreted beach should look at the east end of Folly Island to see the absurdity of their desire.


Coal-Tar-Sealant Runoff Causes Toxicity and DNA Damage

Runoff from pavement with coal-tar-based sealant is toxic to aquatic life, damages DNA, and impairs DNA repair, according to two studies by the U.S. G.S published in the journals Environmental Science and Technology and Science of the Total Environment.

Dispersant Used to Clean Deepwater Horizon Spill More Toxic to Corals than the Oil

The dispersant used to remediate the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is more toxic to cold-water corals at lower concentrations than the spilled oil, according to a new study.

Central Govt Halts Jakarta’s $40 Billion Reclamation Project

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta– home to 10 million people – is sinking into the sea at between 2.9 and 6.7 inches per year. To save the megacity from drowning: a $40 billion land reclamation and sea wall project estimated to take 30 years to complete. However, today, the central government has decided to suspend its implementation as the viability of the project is now questioned.

11 Quotes About The Ocean That Remind Us To Protect It

Celebrate, Inform

While there are infinite reasons to love and respect the ocean, it can sometimes feel like the human race is doing everything in its power to harm it. Here are some quotes that remind us of how precious and delicate a resource the ocean is — and how desperately we need to protect it.

Great Wall Of Sand: Chinese Mischief at Mischief Reef

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In recent years, China has laid claim to the South China Sea with increasing fierceness, challenging the counterclaims of neighboring states and confronting their fishing boats on the open water. But new satellite photos have provided the most dramatic evidence yet of just how aggressively China is acting to establish a sphere of influence in the South China Sea

Over 240 mining and energy projects waiting for investors in Cuba

News, Sand Mining

Industrial minerals and manufactured industrial mineral products produced in Cuba include ammonia and ammonia by-products, bentonite, cement, feldspar, high-purity zeolite minerals, gypsum, kaolin (a type of clay), lime, high-grade limestone, marble and sand…

Sand Man Leaves Giant Labyrinth-Like Circles on Santa Cruz Beaches

The pain is circular, which is to say it never goes away, arcing through Brandon Anderton’s body in long, looping waves. A line of shorebirds watches Anderton, moving methodically across the scrim of sand, as he carves a picture of the pain that has brought him back to the beach.

California Delta’s Water Mysteriously Missing Amid Drought

As California struggles with a devastating drought, huge amounts of water are mysteriously vanishing from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Land Bridge Linking Americas Rose Earlier Than Thought


There’s new geologic evidence that the narrow Panama land bridge emerged from the sea 12 million to 15 million years ago, much earlier than thought. This early uplift wreaks havoc with prevailing ideas, which suggest this strip of land established itself just 3 million years ago.

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