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Sand Wars: Environment Award 2014 Winner At The 11th Annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival

The San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival has announced the 10 awards winners of its 11th Annual Festival, and conferred the Environment Award to Denis Delestrac Documentary Film: Sand Wars.


Warm Rivers Play Role in Arctic Sea Ice Melt

The heat from warm river waters draining into the Arctic Ocean is contributing to the melting of Arctic sea ice each summer, a new NASA study finds.


Sea-level Rise Threatens UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Some of the world’s most recognizable and important landmarks could be lost to rising sea-levels if current global warming trends are maintained over the next two millennia.


Human Activity Influences Beach Bacterial Diversity

Human activity influences ocean beach bacterial communities, and bacterial diversity may indicate greater ecological health and resiliency to sewage contamination. Beaches all contain bacteria, but some bacteria are usually from sewage and may contaminate the water, posing a public health risk.


Computer Model to Help Managers with Renourishment Decisions?

Since the first project of its kind in the U.S. at Coney Island, N.Y., in 1922, coastal managers have used beach nourishment – essentially importing sand to replace sediment lost through storms or erosion – to restore damaged beaches, but it is laborious and expensive.


Life on Mekong Faces Threats As Major Dams Begin to Rise

Erosion, Inform

With a massive dam under construction in Laos and other dams on the way, the Mekong River is facing a wave of hydroelectric projects that could profoundly alter the river’s ecology.


Southern Patagonia Ice Field

With an area of 13,000 square kilometers (5,000 square miles), the Southern Patagonia Ice Field is the largest temperate ice sheet in the Southern Hemisphere. This grand panorama shows that many glacier tongues showed significant annual “retreat” of their ice fronts, a familiar signal of climate change.


Popular Coastal Attraction Suffered 7 years’ Worth of Erosion in 2 Months, UK

Erosion, News

A 30ft (9m) crack has appeared along the cliff top at Birling Gap in East Sussex. The crack appeared a week after the National Trust revealed the popular coastal attraction has suffered seven years’ worth of erosion in two months.


Storm Waves Crash Through Wharf Restaurant, California


The waves in Santa Barbara, California, were doing damage and causing a big mess and the water didn’t spare people inside a restaurant.


Lionfish Decimating Caribbean Reefs

The lionfish, believed to have been introduced to the Atlantic coast by aquarium lovers in the 1980s, will likely wipe out most Caribbean reef fish in a decade or two. As a result, many corals that depend on herbivore fish will die and eventually turn to rubble, making shorelines more vulnerable to waves just as global warming is lifting sea levels.

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