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A Decade After Asian Tsunami, New Forests Protect the Coast


The tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004 obliterated vast areas of Aceh province. But villagers there are using an innovative microcredit scheme to restore mangrove forests and other coastal ecosystems that will serve as a natural barrier against future killer waves and storms.

Italy at Night


On a clear night looking east, the pattern of night lights shows populations concentrated mainly along the coastlines…

UN Climate Talks Deadlocked Over Scope Of Pledges

Already well into overtime, U.N. climate talks reached a standstill Saturday as developing countries rejected a draft deal they said would allow rich countries to shirk their responsibilities to fight global warming and pay for its impacts.

Lima Climate Talks Agree on Just One Paragraph of Deal with 24 Hours Left

As crucial UN climate summit in Peru enters final hours, negotiators have made little progress on draft text.

Walls Around our Coastal Cities? By Gary Griggs

“Walls Around our Coastal Cities?” is an article from “Our Ocean Backyard- Collected Essays, ” a book by Gary Griggs.

The Greenup of the Planet

Primary producers — plant life and ocean phytoplankton — play an integral part of the Earth system; some would say that they drive the entire biosphere. Plants and plankton influence the composition of the atmosphere, play a part in the water cycle, and regulate ocean chemistry.

After Steep Decline, Signs of Hope for World’s Sea Turtles

Nearly all sea turtle species have been classified as endangered, with precipitous declines in many populations in recent decades. But new protections, particularly in the U.S. and Central America, are demonstrating that dramatic recovery for these remarkable reptiles is possible.

West Coast Braces For Mudslides From Pineapple Express Storm

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The huge, swirling system, the worst storm to strike the area in years – covered much of California Thursday – bringing strong gales and much-needed rain and snow, while 3 houses has fallen prey to the Pacific Ocean at Washaway Beach in Pacific County…

269,000 Tons of Plastic Pollution Floating in World’s Oceans

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Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution may be floating in the world’s oceans, according to a new study.

Queensland Deputy Orders to Remove Sea Levels Reference From Regional Plan

Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney has intervened to force the removal of all references to climate change-derived sea level rises from the regional plan of Moreton Bay Regional Council, a decision experts say could have wide ramifications.

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