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Cause Of Global Warming Hiatus Found Deep In the Atlantic Ocean

Observations show that the heat absent from the Earth’s surface for more than a decade is plunging deep in the north and south Atlantic Ocean, and is part of a naturally occurring cycle.


Study at Deepwater Horizon Spill Site Finds Key to Tracking Pollutants

A new study of the ocean circulation patterns at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill reveals the significant role small-scale ocean currents play in the spread of pollutants.The findings provide new information to help predict the movements of oil and other pollutants in the ocean.


Greenland Ice Melting At Record Speed

Satellite data shows ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are declining at record speed. The annual loss of ice has doubled in the case of Greenland and tripled in the West Antarctic compared to figures from 2009.


1-Month Countdown Until Climate Marches In NYC And Around The World

September 21, 2014 is shaping up to be a day for the history books. Echoing the words of Paulo Coelho, “Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” That moment is now…


A Life Reserve for Sustainable Development in Chile’s Patagonia


The people of Patagonia in southern Chile are working to make the Aysén region, one of the few areas in the world that has largely kept its original wilderness intact, a “life reserve”.


US Sailors Prepare For Legal Challenge Over Fukushima Radiation

On 25 August, a district court judge in San Diego will decide whether 110 US navy sailors and marines, can proceed with a $1bn lawsuit that accuses Tepco of failing to avoid the accident and of lying about radiation levels that have caused health problems to themselves and their families stationed in Japan.


Study Shows Marine Debris Costs California Residents Millions Of Dollars

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Southern California residents lose millions of dollars each year avoiding littered, local beaches in favor of choosing cleaner beaches that are farther away and may cost more to reach, according to a new NOAA-funded Marine Debris Program economics study.


NOAA Analysis Reveals Significant Land Cover Changes in U.S. Coastal Regions

A new NOAA nationwide analysis shows that between 1996 and 2011, 64,975 square miles in coastal regions, an area larger than the state of Wisconsin, experienced changes in land cover, including a decline in wetlands and forest cover with development a major contributing factor.


Japan Volcanic Isle May Collapse And Create Tsunami: Study


An erupting volcanic island that is expanding off Japan could trigger a tsunami if its freshly-formed lava slopes collapse into the sea, scientists said.


Earth Sliding Into Ecological Debt Earlier And Earlier

World has already exhausted a year’s supply of natural resources in less than eight months, being in a state of ecological overshoot.

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