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Sharlene (Charlene) Greenae Pilkey, November 11th, 1935 – January 14th, 2015


In loving memory of a staunch defender of everything coastal— Santa Aguila Foundation.

Shell Agrees $84m Deal Over Niger Delta Oil Spill

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Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to a $84m (£55m) settlement with residents of the Bodo community in the Niger Delta for two oil spills. Yet, hundreds of oil spills from Shell’s dilapidated pipelines occur every year…

Rise in Mass Die-Offs Seen Among Birds, Fish and Marine Invertebrates

An analysis of 727 studies reveals that there have been more instances of rapid, catastrophic animal die-offs over the past 75 years. These mass kills appear to have hit birds, fish and marine invertebrates harder than other species.

A Caribbean Island Embraces 100% Renewable Electricity, Giving Up Diesel

Bonaire (pop. 14,500), a small island off the coast of Venezuela, is famous for its beautiful marine reefs, which are visited by 70,000 tourists every year. What many of the tourists don’t realize is that the majority of the electricity powering their needs comes from renewable energy.

170-Million-Year-Old ‘Fish Lizard’ Fossil Unearthed in Scotland


A prehistoric marine-reptile fossil found in Scotland’s Isle of Skye represents a new species that lived about 170 million years ago, a new study finds.

Could Global Tide Be Starting To Turn Against Fossil Fuels?

From an oil chill in the financial world to the recent U.S.-China agreement on climate change, recent developments are raising a question that might once have been considered unthinkable: Could this be the beginning of a long, steady decline for the oil and coal industries?

Hidden Battles on the Reefs

How do you drown a coral reef? The very idea seems unfathomable for animals that spend their entire lives under water. But the deep ocean is actually riddled with “drowned” coral reefs, the remains of ancient reefs that slipped into the dark ocean depths and starved without sunlight.

12 Dams that Changed the World

Renewable energy rather than mega dams and fossil fuels is the right choice for the 21st century. Even so, numerous destructive dams continue to be proposed and built on the Mekong, in the Amazon, throughout Africa, in China, the Himalayas and other parts of the world.

The Economic Case Against Keystone

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It’s been well established that the Keystone XL pipeline presents unacceptable risks to the planet. But approval of Keystone also presents a lesser-known risk: to America’s economic future.

Pakistan’s Coastal Villagers Retreat as Seas Gobble Land

Climate change is clearly increasing vulnerabilities in the Indus Delta area. Sea-level rise is contributing to higher storm surges, erosion, flooding and salinity, according to WWF-Pakistan.

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