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Melting Antarctic: Failure to Act Now on Emissions Could Raise Oceans by Metres

In recent decades, Antarctica and Greenland have played minor roles in the world’s rising oceans. But this is changing. Rising sea levels don’t just put places underwater, but every centimetre increases the impacts that storm surges have on people, homes and coastal infrastructure.

Giant Waves Quickly Destroy Arctic Ocean Ice and Ecosystems

Scientists had never imagined that Arctic waves could break up pack ice so quickly. The chance encounter of a research vessel with the largest waves ever recorded amid floating packs of Arctic ice shows how such rollers could reroute shipping, damage oil platforms and threaten coastal communities with erosion.

The State That ‘Outlawed Climate Change’ Accepts Latest Sea-Level Rise Report

Five years ago, the Science Panel of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commissioner presented a report outlining that sea levels along the coast could rise as much as 39 inches over the next 100 years. The General Assembly passed a law forbidding communities from using this report to pass new rules. Now, almost three years later, the scientists have come back with a new report, but it is hardly complete and universal.

Nigeria: Drenched in Shell Oil

The clean-up will not solve the underlying problems of Nigeria’s opaque oil industry.

Papua New Guinea Earthquake Sparks Tsunami Warning, But Only minor Damage Reported


A 7.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast triggered a tsunami alert in the Pacific after striking the New Britain region.

Engineers Warn East Coast Storms Point to Future Flooding, Erosion risks, Push for Town Planning Changes

Recent catastrophic flood events in New South Wales should sound warnings for communities across the country, water engineers say.

Duck Beach is Sinking Fast and Deep, NC

The beach at Duck is sinking faster than the ocean is rising. The phenomenon, called vertical land movement, is a lesser-known part of the debate over sea-level rise…

Fjords Soak Up a Surprising Amount of Carbon

Fjords are known for their otherworldly beauty. But these high-latitude inlets also have an outsized role in the carbon cycle, a study finds.

Photos: Big Waves Pound California Coast


Large and powerful waves pounded Orange County’s beaches this weekend, creating dangerous conditions that warded off swimmers, attracted daredevil surfers, required lifeguards to perform several rescues and even forced a cruise ship to change course.

How Did Rocks End Up on the Beach? NC

State rules make it clear that sand from an ocean bottom riddled with rocks should not be pumped onto the state’s beaches during beach re-nourishment projects. Yet, a beach pumping project on the south end of this Onslow County town littered the beach with tons of rocks, some the size of basketballs. And no one stopped it.

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