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Corona Save The Beach Hotel

Created by German artist HA Schult, the first hotel made completely out of garbage opened in 2010 in Rome, Italy, and Madrid, Spain. Trash was collected from beaches throughout Europe to build the Corona Save the Beach Hotel.


Beach Erosion, Western Australia

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Residents living near a popular northern suburbs beach say it’s in danger of disappearing completely. Quinns Rocks locals say while governments argue over whose problem it is ….. the beach continues to erode.


Marine Reserves Enhance Resilience to Climate Change

A new study, led by a University of Southampton scientist, highlights the potential for fish communities in marine reserves to resist climate change impacts better than communities on fished coasts.


The Sounds Of A Warming Planet

Scientists have recorded and identified one of the most prominent sounds of a warming planet: the sizzle of glacier ice as it melts into the sea.


Let’s Talk About Sand: Denis Delestrac At TEDxBarcelona

Denis Delestrac latest feature documentary, “Sand Wars” is an epic eco-thriller that takes the audience around the globe to unveil a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: we are running out of sand! In this TEDxBarcelona talk, he explains us where sand comes from and where it ends up…


The Squeeze On Europe’s Coastline Continues

“Balancing the future of Europe’s coasts”, a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA), argues that Europe needs to improve its knowledge to better understand the long-term damaging effects of current human and economic pressures on the coastal environment, jeopardizing the essential maintenance of the natural capital.


Where Streets Are Paved With Sand

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Jericoacoara, a virgin beach hidden behind the dunes of the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, CearĂ¡, Brazil, is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. The area around this virgin beach hidden behind sand dunes, is home to alien landscapes of vibrant beauty.


New Zealand Judge Rejects Climate Refugee Plea

A New Zealand judge on Tuesday rejected a Kiribati man’s claim that he should be granted refugee status because of climate change.


Blooming in the South Atlantic

Offshore from Argentina, spring is in bloom. Massive patches of floating phytoplankton colored the ocean in November 2013. These microscopic, plant-like organisms are the primary producers of the ocean, harnessing sunlight to nourish themselves and to become food for everything from zooplankton to fish to whales.


Rate Of Coastal Wetlands Loss Has Sped Up

The U.S. lost an average of 80,000 acres of coastal wetlands from 2004 to 2009, according to the latest data published by federal agencies. More than 70 percent of the estimated loss came in the Gulf of Mexico; nationwide, most of the loss was blamed on development that incurred on freshwater wetlands.

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