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Historic Flood Hits French Riviera


River levels were receding early on Monday in southeastern France after historic floods left two people dead and more than 150 were airlifted to safety.


China Pollution Wafting Across Pacific

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When China’s skies darken with pollution, it is not the only nation to suffer. Pollution travels in large quantities across the Pacific Ocean to the United States, a new study has found. The study is the first to quantify how much pollution reaching the American West Coast is from the production in China of cellphones, televisions and other consumer items imported here and elsewhere..


Journey To The South Pacific, Videos

Through mesmerizing camerawork, “Journey to the South Pacific,” a feature documentary by MacGillivray Freeman Films, follows a young boy throughout the West Papuan archipelago as he discovers the islands’ incredible wildlife, including the massive Leatherback sea turtle that’s featured.


Kenya To Generate Over Half Of Its Electricity Through Solar Power By 2016

Kenya has identified nine sites to build solar power plants that could provide more than half the country’s electricity by 2016.


Sydney’s Bald Reef Gets a Seaweed Transplant

Seaweed transplants could help revive an underwater forest off the coast of Sydney, Australia, that was wiped out by sewage dumping decades earlier, a new study suggests.


Rio’s Olympic Waters Blighted By Heavy Pollution

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With the Sugar Loaf Mountain perched at its entrance, Rio’s de Janeiro’s stunning Guanabara bay enchanted navigators in centuries past, but today its natural beauty conceals a modern hazard…


Study Sheds Light on Effects of Clouds on Warming

Australian and French scientists believe they have cracked one of the great puzzles of climate change and arrived at a more accurate prediction of future temperatures.


How Radioactive is Our Ocean?

Citizen science campaign aims to collect ocean samples and fund radiation analysis.


Researchers Target Sea Level Rise to Save Years of Archaeological Evidence

Prehistoric shell mounds found on some of Florida’s most pristine beaches are at risk of washing away as the sea level rises, wiping away thousands of years of archaeological evidence.


Dredging Plan Ignites New Sand Skirmish

The latest skirmish in the ongoing Sand Wars is being waged on unfamiliar terrain and pits a new opponent against an unusual alliance of adversaries.

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