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The New State of Nature: Rising Sea-levels, Climate Justice, and Community-based Adaptation in Papua New Guinea

Rising sea-levels lay waste to more than coastlines. From the viewpoint of the state, they erode its claim to territorial sovereignty and call its concept of legal equity into question. From the viewpoints of low-lying, natural resource-dependent communities, the tides threaten autonomy, well-being, and, not least, property.


The Promised Land


“Apart from Bali and parts of Java, much of Indonesia’s coastline is pretty difficult to access via road…” A Surfline story and photo gallery.

plastic bag pollution

Shoppers in England to be Charged For Plastic Bags

News, Pollution

Uk’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, to unveil new 5p cost of bags in supermarkets and large stores to cut use of environmentally damaging products.


Molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor poses calamity for marine life

News, Pollution

As much as 1,400 tons of molasses spill into Honolulu Harbor, killing thousands of fish, and officials say there’s no way to clean it up.


New Colour Purple Depicts Worsening Climate Risks in U.N. Draft Report

Some parts of nature and human society are more vulnerable than expected to climate change, according to a draft of a U.N. report that adds a new purple colour to a key diagram to show worsening risks beyond the red used so far.


Unexpected Interaction Between Ocean Currents and Bacteria

For the first time, researchers have successfully demonstrated an interaction between ocean currents and bacteria: The unexpected interaction leads to the production of vast amounts of nitrogen gas in the Pacific Ocean.


The End of the Sand Era

I’ve heard that man’s best friend in not the dog, but reinforced concrete…


Unprecedented Rate and Scale of Ocean Acidification Found in the Arctic

Acidification of the Arctic Ocean is occurring faster than projected according to new findings. The increase in rate is being blamed on rapidly melting sea ice, a process that may have important consequences for health of the Arctic ecosystem.


Villagers Thwart Development Plan At Vulnerable Beach Habitat in Turkey

The Çıralı beach zone is a 18,297 m² site along the coast of Antalya Province, Turkey. Çıralı is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, helping draw tourists and foreign residents to the area…


Rising Seas, National Geographic

Faced with the largest storm ever spawned over the Atlantic, New York and other cities ordered mandatory evacuations of low-lying areas. Not everyone complied. Those who chose to ride out Sandy got a preview of the future, in which a warmer world will lead to inexorably rising seas…

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