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8.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Chile, Triggers Tsunami Warning


An 8.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile on Tuesday, generating a tsunami warning.


Don’t Ignore Sea Rise

A letter from 99 years old, Howard K. Ammerman.


Science Is No Excuse For Japan’s Antarctic Whaling, Court Rules

Japan’s hugely controversial ‘scientific whaling’ programme is not actually scientific and must be stopped, the International Court of Justice ruled.


Climate Change Impacts in Pictures: 8 Stark IPCC Images

From the newly released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report: 8 illuminating graphics that each tell an important global warming story


Action Climate; By HA Schult

Action Climate is an image from HA Schult.


Sand Beaches Of The Northeast Coast Of Saudi Arabia; By Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel

The purpose of this discussion is to describe the geomorphology and dynamic coastal processes of the sand beaches along the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia. The study area extends from the Kuwait border to the southern end of Abu Ali. This is, in effect, the shoreline oiled during the Gulf War oil spill of 1991, the largest oil spill in history. By Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel.


Climate Change Report Should Jolt People Into Action

UN science panel’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, says report on impacts of rising temperatures should push leaders to act


Parting the Sea to Save Venice

The sea has protected Venice since the fifth century, when people moved to the fish-shaped islands of Rialto for safety from mainland invaders. Over the next thirteen centuries, the seafaring city-state grew in power and strength. But the tide has turned, and the sea that once protected Venice now threatens it.


Sculptures of Ocean Plastic Raise Awareness for the Sea

Washed up plastics and marine garbage pose a threat to the ecosystems and animal lives they invade, a problem which activists have worked to bring light to in recent years. While news and science are powerful mediums for conveying these messages, the work of artists has also played an important role in the sharing of concern…


Artificial islands off New York and New Jersey Proposed As Storm Protection

News, Sandy Storm

A string of artificial islands off the coast of New Jersey and New York could blunt the impact of storm surges that proved so deadly during Superstorm Sandy, according to a new proposal.

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