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Deception Island, Antarctica; By Benjamin Dumas

Deception Island, Antarctica is an image from Benjamin Dumas.


European Seafloor Survey Reveals Depth Of Marine Litter Problem

News, Pollution

A major new survey of the seafloor has found that even in the deepest ocean depths you can find bottles, plastic bags, fishing nets and other types of human litter.


WHOI Hosts Public Forum and Art Exhibit on Impacts of Climate Change to Polar Animals

No place on the planet is more vulnerable to climate change than the polar regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Warming waters and the loss of sea ice are affecting the habitat and food source for many polar species from penguins in Antarctica to polar bears in the Arctic.


Spain’s Wetlands Wonder Is Under Threat For a Second Time In 16 Years

News, Pollution

Doñana national park, a haven filled with rare birds and wildlife, survived a toxic flood. Now tourism, an oil pipeline, demand for water and the return of mining have left it on a knife edge.


Some Corals Are Adjusting To Rising Ocean Temperatures

Research led by Stanford scientist Steve Palumbi reveals how some corals can quickly switch on or off certain genes in order to survive in warmer-than-average tidal waters.


Climate change: Don’t Wait Until You Can Feel It


New research shows that even as extreme weather events influence those who experience them to support policy to address climate change, waiting for the majority of people to live through such conditions firsthand could delay meaningful action by decades.


Unsustainable Seafood: A New Crackdown on Illegal Fishing

A recent study shows that a surprisingly large amount of the seafood sold in U.S. markets is caught illegally.


Beach Sand Mining Defaced Algeria’s Eastern Coastal Region

News, Sand Mining

Illegal beach sand mining activities also plague the eastern Algerian coastal region. Despite a strict ban on sand mining, some powerful and yet unidentified people, are discreetly networking with the sand mafia to take over huge quantities of stolen sand close to the Algerian and Tunisian border.


Environmental Concern : Sand Mining Goes Unabatted! Oran, Algeria

News, Sand Mining

Despite a large police deployment, illegal beach sand mining activities keep on expanding in the western region of Algeria, notably in Oran.


Climate Change Survival: Companies Need Courage, And New Metrics

The time for business as usual is past. We have somehow forgotten that if there is no nature, there is no business. It’s time for corporate leaders to look beyond sustainability to survivability .

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