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Mediterranean Fish Stocks Show Steady Decline

While careful management has helped stabilize or even improve the state of fisheries resources in some parts of Europe, the situation in the Mediterranean has deteriorated over the past 20 years.


Sean Connery Joins Bahamas Campaign To Stop Developing Mansion

Activists claim fashion mogul proposed coastal development risks environmental damage to Bahamas’ beaches.


Minor Tsunami Hits Northeastern Japan After Strong Quake

A minor tsunami hit Miyagi prefecture in Japan early Saturday after a strong 6.8-magnitude quake jolted the country’s northeastern Pacific coast, prompting advisories for regions including around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.


Leading scientists express rising concern about ‘microplastics’ in the ocean

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Microplastics, microscopic particles of plastic debris, are of increasing concern because of their widespread presence in the oceans and the potential physical and toxicological risks they pose to organisms.


Exclusive: Coastal Flooding Has Surged in U.S.

Coastal flooding along the densely populated Eastern Seaboard of the United States has surged in recent years, a Reuters analysis has found.


Silver Surprise: Millions of Anchovies Swarm San Diego Surf

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Millions of anchovies swam off the coast of San Diego Tuesday, July 8 .


Sea Erosion Poses Threat To Coastal Villages

Ever since the December 2004 tsunami, the entire coastline in Cuddalore district, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, had undergone a vast change. The tsunami washed away a large volume of sand that had earlier served as a protective wall. “With every storm or cyclone, and even during high tides, seawater surges into the land”…


All The World’s Oceans Have Plastic Debris On Their Surface


Central surface waters of the oceans may not be the final destination of plastic debris since, as indicated by the study performed by the Malaspina Expedition, large amounts of microplastics could be passing to the marine food chain and the ocean floor.


UN Issued With Roadmap On How To Avoid Climate Catastrophe

The United Nations was presented with a roadmap to avoid a climate catastrophe on Tuesday, the first report of its kind to prescribe concrete actions that the biggest 15 economies must take to keep warming below 2C.


Sea-Level Rise in Small Island Nations to Cost US Trillions: Shift to Green Policies and Investment Critical

Climate change-induced sea-level rise in the world’s 52 small island nations – estimated to be up to four times the global average – continues to be the most pressing threat to their environment and socio-economic development with annual losses at the trillions of dollars due to increased vulnerability.

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