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Human Contribution To Glacier Mass Loss Increasing

By combining climate and glacier models, scientists have found unambiguous evidence for anthropogenic glacier mass loss in recent decades.


Spain Clears Oil Exploration Off Canary Islands


Spain’s governnment has given oil group Repsol the all-clear to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the tourism-dependent Canary Islands, sparking an outcry from environmental groups.


Australia Great Barrier Reef Outlook “Poor And Deteriorating”

The outlook for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is poor despite conservation efforts, with further deterioration expected in coming years, a report says.


9 Houses That Prove Your Dream Home Is Also A Green Home

“Green building” is an effort to curb the environmental toll of inefficient homes, and it’s taking hold in the construction sector. Nine architects talk about their stunning projects that are not only sustainable, but beautiful too…


Immediate Aftermath Of An Oil Spill

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The fate of oil during the first day after an accidental oil spill is still poorly understood, with researchers often arriving on the scene only after several days. New findings from a field experiment carried out in the North Sea provide valuable insight that could help shape the emergency response in the immediate wake of disasters.


Matanzas-Riachuelo River Basin Clean Up Effort Hindered

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The 64-km Matanzas-Riachuelo river cuts across 14 Buenos Aires municipalities. The basin houses a number of chemical manufactures and industrial factories. Two centuries of neglect and a complex web of political and economic interests are hindering a clean-up plan that requires a broad, concerted effort.


Risks To Penguin Populations Analyzed

A major study of all penguin populations suggests the birds are at continuing risk from habitat degradation.


EIA Mapping Tool Shows Which U.S. Energy Facilities Are In Areas At Risk of Flooding


A new component of EIA’s Energy Mapping System allows users to view critical energy infrastructure that may be vulnerable to coastal and inland flooding.


NASA’s New Carbon Counter Collects Its First Data

As NASA’s first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide, OCO-2 will produce the most detailed picture to date of the manmade and natural sources of carbon dioxide, as well as their natural “sinks”—places on Earth’s surface.


Climate Effects Of Keystone XL Significantly Underestimated

The U.S. State Department’s final environmental review of the Keystone XL Pipeline may have underestimated carbon dioxide emissions associated with the pipeline by as much as four times, according to a new study.

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