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Global Economy To Lose Billions Without Action To Stop Ocean Acidification, UN Report Warns

The global economy could be losing as much as $1 trillion annually by the end of the century if countries do not take urgent steps to stop ocean acidification, says a United Nations report launched Wednesday in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea (ROK).


NOAA Sea Grant Awards $15.9 million For Projects To Build Resilient Coastal Communities


NOAA Sea Grant announced today grants totaling $15.9 million to support over 300 projects around the nation that help build resilient coastal communities and economies.


South Goa Soil Erosion Could Be Irreparable

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Locals across the coastal belt of South Goa are worried that the damage caused to the beaches due to unprecedented soil erosion will be irreparable. The high tide line will also have to be redrawn by the Goa coastal zone management authority (GCZMA).


Encroaching Tides, A Report By The Union of Concerned Scientists

Tidal flooding, driven by sea level rise, will dramatically increase in U.S. East and Gulf Coast communities over the next 30 years. Daily flooding caused by high tides will occur in the District and Annapolis within three decades as sea levels continue to rise due to global warming, a new study says.


Rapid Response for a New Wind Instrument


The new instrument will contribute to global monitoring of ocean winds. The data can be used to improve weather and marine forecasting and climate modeling.


21 Numbers That Explain Why The Time To Address Climate Change Is Right Now, Or Maybe Yesterday

21 numbers to help explain one of the most pressing global issues of our time…


Scientists See Severe Coral Bleaching Near Oahu

While people in Hawaii have been sweating out a lack of trade winds, corals underwater are also suffering.


Due To Landscape Fragmentation, Brazil’s Rainforests Are Releasing More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Thought

For the first time, this examination shows a methodical way in which ecological effects in small areas can be used for large-scale environmental assessments.


Great Barrier Reef Dredge Approval Was ‘Suicide’ For Reef Authority

One of the world’s leading coral reef scientists says Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has lost its credibility and budget cuts left it unable to protect the world heritage site.


$627M in Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Projects Approved

Officials approved plans to spend $627 million on 44 projects meant to aid recovery from the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but environmentalists are fuming that $58 million will go to an Alabama beachfront hotel they say will hurt rather than help the Gulf.

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