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Patricia, Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded, Menaces Mexico


Patricia — the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere — barreled closer and closer Friday morning to Mexico’s Pacific coast. An extremely dangerous storm surge is expected to produce significant coastal flooding.

Plastic Litter Taints the Sea Surface, Even in the Arctic

News, Pollution

For the first time, researchers show that marine litter can even be found at the sea surface of Arctic waters. Though it remains unclear how the litter made it so far north, it is likely to pose new problems for local marine life, the authors report.

China Visit Seals Deal On ‘China Eden’ Project

Sir Tim Smit has signed a contract to build an Eden Project on the east coast of China. He said it would be an “iconic building” to demonstrate the region’s commitment to sustainability. The new Eden will be located on a barren piece of reclaimed land that sits on a convergence of two rivers near Qingdao.

Linta River Delta and Dunes, Madagascar


An astronaut on the International Space Station used a long lens to shoot this photograph of the complex shoreline near the Linta River delta in southern Madagascar.

Sunscreen Chemical Imperils Coral Reefs Around the Globe

Sunscreen contains a chemical – Oxybenzone – that scientists believe is causing massive damage to coral reefs worldwide and threatens their very existence, researchers warn.

And Now for Some Good News About Climate Change

Small things like energy efficient lightbulbs and big ones—like solar panels and light rail transportation—are making a difference. Australian author Tim Flannery counsels cautious optimism by showing how the millions of small actions taken by individuals are driving down oil consumption and points out how new “Third Way” carbon-capture technologies promise to reduce emissions and create massive economic opportunities.

OAS, Principality of Monaco & National Geographic Join Forces for the Oceans

To mark this year’s fifth anniversary of the admission of the Principality of Monaco as an observer to the Organization of American States (OAS), the Embassy of Monaco is spearheading a forum, free and open to the public, within the framework of the OAS Policy Roundtables in an area of special interest to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and central to the agenda of his Foundation: the preservation of the oceans and marine conservation.

When Dams Come Down, Salmon and Sand Can Prosper

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Studies of dam-removal projects show that migratory species like salmon respond quickly to improved conditions once a dam is removed. But the removal of a dam is demonstrating that there can be another beneficiary: the beach.

Who ‘Owns’ The Beach? (!) In Daytona, Cars, Turtles And Hotels Duke It Out

Driving is not permitted on most beaches in Florida. But in Daytona Beach and other communities in Volusia County, it’s a tradition so ingrained that nobody would even talk about banning vehicles on the beach. It was a taboo subject. The thing that brought it up was protecting sea turtles.

On the Coast, a Warm and Wet Future Unfolds

Sea level rise is a big deal for North Carolina’s low-lying northeastern corner, one of the most vulnerable coastlines in the nation. About 2,000 square miles of the coastal plain rise one meter or less above sea level.

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