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A Year After Sandy, The Wrong Policy on Rebuilding the Coast

One year after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the U.S. East Coast, the government is spending billions to replenish beaches that will only be swallowed again by rising seas and future storms. It’s time to develop coastal policies that take into account new climate realities. By Rob Young.


China’s ‘number one beach’ swamped by rising tide of pollution

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A stretch of sand in South China, Silver Beach – once dubbed “The Number One Beach in the World”- has fallen victim to China’s growing pollution crisis.


Waiting for the Next Superstorm

The hurricane Sandy was one of several in the past decades that meteorologists had previously considered “once in a century” events.


What is Cooking Underwater in the Bay of Bengal?

The story of big trawlers destroying marine habitats by overfishing, and fishermen being pushed further out to sea, has become sadly universal. But this is the story of a group of people building an artificial reef to bring marine life back from the brink.


5 Things Hurricane Sandy Changed for Good

Some people and places may never be the same since Hurricane Sandy hit the northern Atlantic Coast on Oct. 29, 2012. The lingering effects include lives lost and irreplaceable mementos. Barrier islands were changed forever.


Keeping The Coasts of Lofoten, Vesterålen And Senja Free From Oil And Gas Exploration

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Norway, one of the world’s largest oil and gas developers, has committed to protecting valuable areas of the ocean from being impacted by petroleum activities, putting the value of nature in front of the need for oil.


The Ocean Is Broken

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Nothing could have prepared mariner Ivan Macfadyen for the devastation all around him as he sailed the Pacific.


Scientist Finds ‘Hawaiian Beach’ Sand On Mars


Earlier this month, Morrison, a geology student at University of Arizona, member of the science team on NASA’s Curiosity rover currently exploring Mars, co-authored two scientific publications in the journal Science, reporting the first scientific results and detailed analyses of individual mineral compositions in the Martian surface.


Human Impacts On Top Ocean Predators Along US West Coast Mapped

The California Current System along the U.S. west coast is among the richest ecosystems in the world, driven by nutrient input from coastal upwelling and supporting a great diversity of marine life. Like coastal regions in general, it is also heavily impacted by human activities.


Sand Wars: Facing a World Without Sand

An interview with Denis Delestrac, writer and award-winning director.

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