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Watch Out: Your Money Is Being Used to Destroy the World!

How governments spend taxpayers money to subsidise fossil fuels that cause deadly air pollution – A reminder to mark 5 June World Environment Day.

Scientists start the clock on human impact

Though it’s clear we’re currently living in it, scientists have long debated when the Anthropocene, the epoch of human dominance over the planet, first began. The Anthropocene Working Group (AWG), a panel of scientists, recently voted to official recognize the epoch and suggested starting it in the middle of the 20th century

Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds


Most diamonds are made of cooked seabed. The diamond on your finger is most likely made of recycled seabed cooked deep in the Earth. Traces of salt trapped in many diamonds show the stones are formed from ancient seabeds that became buried deep beneath the Earth’s crust, according to new research.

Mexico Beach holds sea oat planting event to rebuild sand dunes

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Mexico Beach is rebuilding its dunes along with its community. The city partnered with Duke Energy to start the process of restoring its beaches.

Home teeters on edge of Lake Michigan

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A home in Michigan is teetering off a 50-foot eroded cliff caused by big waves in Lake Michigan.

“Silences” – From “Antarctica ” Series; By Denis Delestrac

“Silences” – From “Antarctica ” Series, is an image from Denis Delestrac.

Big Talbot Island’s Blackrock Trail; By Cecelia Dailey

The locals call it “lava beach”—a misnomer which leads some to believe the unique formation found here are igneous in origin. But these mystifying “black rocks” crumble to the touch, staining the hands, feeling gritty with sand. Although many are black, these “rocks” are sometimes light colored, deep red or burnt brown.

UN Report: Sand Mafias are Destroying Moroccan Beaches

Sand mafias and illegal sand extraction are destroying beaches and threatening Morocco’s coastline, reminds the UN Environment Program.

Newborn Hawaii beach is already polluted with tiny pieces of plastic

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There’s this romantic idea of the remote tropical beach, clean and pristine. That kind of beach doesn’t exist anymore. Pohoiki adds to the growing body of evidence that plastic is most likely ubiquitous on beaches: even ones that look virgin.

Mass die-off of puffins recorded in the Bering Sea

A mass die-off of seabirds in the Bering Sea may be partially attributable to climate change, according to a new study.

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