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Irish beach washed away 33 years ago reappears overnight after freak tide

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An Irish beach that disappeared more than 30 years ago has returned to an island off the County Mayo coast.

Port Launay: The Last Mangroves of the Seychelles

When French settlers first arrived in the remote islands of the Seychelles, thick mangrove forests fringed the western shore of Mahe, the largest of the islands in the archipelago.

Affluent countries contribute less to wildlife conservation than the rest of the world

A new research collaboration has found that, despite facing a number of domestic challenges, such as poverty and political instability in many parts of the continent, Africa was found to prioritise wildlife preservation, and contribute more to conservation than any other region of the world. African countries made up four of the five top-performing mega-fauna conservation nations…

Trump wants to leave the Paris agreement. That would be a huge mistake.

Trump is getting closer to exiting the Paris climate agreement. But, even if Trump announces his intention to withdraw, the lengthy divorce process and other stipulations in the deal mean that the U.S. would remain in the pact at least until November 2020 — around the same date as the next U.S. presidential election.

The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it

Our best scientists tell us insistently that a calamity is unfolding, that the life-support systems of the Earth are being damaged in ways that threaten our survival. Yet in the face of these facts we carry on as usual. So today the greatest tragedy is the absence of a sense of the tragedy.

The Battle Against Trump’s Assault on Climate Is Moving to the Courts

As the Trump administration sets about dismantling the Obama legacy on climate change and energy, the legal struggle is intensifying. Trump’s team faces major obstacles, including lawsuits by states and activists and a key Supreme Court ruling on greenhouse gases.

See How The N.C. Coast Has Changed In 30 Years

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North Carolina Sea Grant, using Google satellite imaging, looked at coastal erosion dating back to 1984.

Believe you can stop climate change and you will

If we believe that we can personally help stop climate change with individual actions — such as turning the thermostat down — then we are more likely to make a difference, according to new research.

Red alert: Kofi Annan on the photos that capture our choking planet


From a masked Tokyo commuter in a crush to the plastic particles killing our oceans, the former UN secretary-general hails the photographers shortlisted for tonight’s space-themed Prix Picket prize.

County warns businesses to stop mining sand, Maui

While sand mining is not illegal here, some community members are concerned about the resource being depleted and shipped off-island and archaeological damage. Mayor Alan Arakawa is among the concerned, saying the sand is needed for Maui projects and replenishing beaches.

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