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Best beaches in the UK and Europe: readers’ travel tips

A selection from Ireland to southern Italy.

Today’s storm surge is tomorrow’s high tide, new report predicts

For the second time in just five days, the Northeast is facing a major coastal storm, or nor’easter, which is pushing ocean water over storm walls and into the streets of many coastal cities. The flooding comes as a major report released this week by NOAA highlights a growing threat facing coastal communities in all parts of the United States.

Storm Emma: Scenes of devastation on British beach as millions of creatures washed onto shore

Millions of sea creatures including seals,fish and lobsters were washed up along the east coast of Yorkshire. Big tides and gale force winds from Storm Emma are believed to have caused the huge dump on Fraisthorpe beach near Bridlington.

Sea swimming increases ailments

People who swim, bathe or take part in water sports in the sea are substantially more likely to experience stomach bugs, ear aches and other types of illness than those who do not.

Powerful winter storms show damage high tides with sea level rise can do

With two powerful storms generating record high tides that inundated parts of the Atlantic Coast just weeks apart—and a third nor’easter on its way—environmental advocates are urging greater efforts to address climate change and adapt cities to sea level rise.

Stop The Trump Administration’s Offshore Drilling Assault: A NRDC Petition

The Trump administration has released a disastrous proposal to auction off huge swaths of America’s oceans for oil and gas drilling — endangering our marine life and coastal communities with the risk of catastrophic oil spills, and threatening coastal jobs and economies.

Sand: the new gold

This is one of the most consumed natural resources in the world. In cambodia, its mining as lead to an environmental catastrophe, while in singapore sand has contributed to 24% of the island’s expansion.

Patterns and projections of high tide flooding along the US coastline using common impact threshold

For forecasting purposes to ensure public safety, NOAA has established three coastal flood severity thresholds. The thresholds are based upon water level heights empirically calibrated to NOAA tide gauge measurements from years of impact monitoring by its Weather Forecast Offices (WFO) and emergency managers.

Schoolboys employed in sand mining, Tamil Nadu, India

Poverty and proximity to riverbeds have been weaning away a number of children studying in government schools and pushing them into sand mining. The sand mafia, in a bid to find cheap labour, has been using schoolchildren to lift sand from the riverbeds. The unsuspecting youngsters fall prey to the designs of the mafia, tempted by the money on offer.

Asia’s hunger for sand takes a toll on endangered species

Across Asia, rampant extraction of sand for construction is eroding coastlines and scouring waterways. t’s a global concern, but especially acute in Asia, where all trends show that urbanization and the region’s big construction boom are going to continue for many years.

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