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Great Barrier Reef protected zones help fish in even lightly exploited areas

Protected zones of the Great Barrier Reef benefit fish even at the relatively lightly-fished northern reefs, according to a new study.

Protect Whales and Other Marine Mammals from Big Oil: NRDC

“Not a single marine mammal has gone extinct in U.S. waters since the Marine Mammal Protection Act was enacted 45 years ago. But all this could quickly change if Congress votes to gut this critical Act.” A call for action by NRDC.

Eyes on the Coast—Video Cameras Help Forecast Coastal Change

Coastal communities count on beaches for recreation and for protection from large waves, but beaches are vulnerable to threats such as erosion by storms and flooding. Whether beaches grow, shrink, or disappear depends in part on what happens just offshore. If we understand these processes, scientists can include them in computer models of coastal change that can be used to forecast future changes over years, decades, or even centuries.

On N.H.’s Coast, Preparing for Future Storms with Grass, Sand and a Bit of Time

As New Hampshire’s coastline prepares for a world with rising seas and stronger storms, communities and homeowners have different options, none of them simple. But some scientists in New Hampshire are pitching a more natural approach. All it takes is a little grass and some time.

Hundreds of Sea Turtles Found Dead

As many as 300 to 400 dead sea turtles were found off the coast of El Salvador in Jiquilisco Bay late last month.

How can we save America’s vanishing beaches? California shows the way, according to Surfrider report

Shorelines are shrinking. Storms are flooding streets and battering homes. Coastlines around the country are being hit by climate change. And, perhaps surprisingly, California is offering an example of how the coast can be saved.

South Carolina not doing enough to protect beaches, report says

South Carolina’s beach preparations are barely adequate to deal with worsening erosion, sea rise and intensifying storms, according to the latest Surfriders Foundation report.

Study: NC gets ‘D’ for climate change policies

Days after a federal report issued a harsh warning about climate change, an environmental group said North Carolina’s policies leave the state among the most ill-prepared on the East Coast to deal with the effects of rising seas.

EPA’s Pruitt vows to continue rolling back rules despite alarming climate report

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said a newly released government report that lays most of the blame for the rise of global temperatures to human activity won’t deter him from continuing to roll back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, a major rule aimed at combating climate change.

Syria plans to join Paris climate accord, leaving U.S. as lone outlier

Syria plans to join the Paris climate accord, an official from the war-ravaged country said Tuesday, a move that leaves the United States as the only United Nations member state not supporting the agreement.

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