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Summer Ship Tracks in the Pacific

The large number of ships traversing the North Pacific, combined with all of the low clouds, make ship tracks more common here than anywhere else in the world. Roughly two-thirds of the world’s ship tracks are found in the Pacific.

Rise for Climate: Protesters take to streets across the planet to demand action on environment

Hundreds of thousands of climate change protestors are gathering at some 850 events across 90 countries – and seven continents – in what is one of the biggest ever days of global action highlighting the issue.

Why the Great Barrier Reef is in danger

One of Earth’s most impressive ecosystems is in dire straits. Here are the main issues threatening this magnificent natural wonder.

Florence could cause dangerous surf and rip currents along East Coast


Florence could cause dangerous surf and rip currents along parts of the U.S. East Coast this weekend as the storm swirls across the Atlantic.

Remember that kid who invented a way to clean up ocean plastic? He’s back, and it’s happening

News, Pollution

Boyan Slat’s solar-powered booms will soon be in the Pacific Ocean.

Another hurricane is barreling toward Hawaii


Hurricane Olivia, a major storm with sustained winds of 115 mph, is churning toward Hawaii and could impact the island chain as early as Tuesday evening.

Best beaches on Milos, Greece

Dazzling white rock formations, hidden caves and breathtaking beaches contrast with arresting blue seas to make Milos one of the most impressive islands in Greece.

Using Advanced Technology, World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opens Off English Coast

The Walney Extension wind farm, whose 87 turbines are capable of powering nearly 600,000 homes, has officially begun operations in the Irish Sea off northern England.

Would iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse be underwater now if it wasn’t moved 20 years ago?

When experts decided in 1999 that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse had to be moved to survive, Dare County officials sued to stop the risky relocation. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the colossal effort… has the encroaching Atlantic finally reached the spot where the lighthouse once stood?

grains of sand

A microscopic look at why the world is running out of sand; Video

The usefulness of sand depends on the science of each tiny little grain. We went on a sand scavenger hunt to collect some samples, look at them under a microscope, and try to figure out why sand scarcity is such a problem.

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