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The Baltic Sea as a time machine

Warming, acidification, eutrophication, and the loss of oxygen are examples of major changes being observed or expected for the future in coastal zones around the world. These processes are occurring in the Baltic Sea at a much faster pace than in other regions.

New model could help rebuild eroding lands in coastal Louisiana

As coastal lands in Louisiana erode, researchers, environmentalists and engineers are all searching for ways to preserve the marsh coastline.

Alligators on the beach? Killer whales in rivers? Get used to it

Sightings of alligators and other large predators in places where conventional wisdom says they ‘shouldn’t be’ have increased in recent years. These sightings signify the return of highly adaptable predators to prime hunting grounds they occupied long ago — a trend that opens new opportunities for future conservation.

Sea-level rise: the defining issue of the century; Editorial

No graver threat faces the future of South Florida than the accelerating pace of sea-level rise. In the past century, the sea has risen 9 inches. In the past 23 years, it’s risen 3 inches. By 2060, it’s predicted to rise another 2 feet, with no sign of slowing down.

Widening beaches might bring more hazards, researchers say

Widening beaches might be linked to an increase in accidents, according to new data. The number of ocean rescues spikes after beaches are buffed up, according to the data published in the Journal of Ocean Research.

Devil’s Punchbowl is beautiful, but dangerous


The Oregon coast is famous for its dramatic seaside cliffs and headlands. One of the must-see spots along this photogenic shoreline is the Devil’s Punchbowl. Luring hikers into a beautiful open-sky cavern during low tide, the site fills with roiling sea water at high tide.

Everglades under threat as Florida’s mangroves face death by rising sea level

Florida’s mangroves have been forced into a hasty retreat by sea level rise and now face being drowned, imperiling coastal communities and the prized Everglades wetlands, researchers have found.

The State of the World’s Beaches

Erosion, Inform

Coastal zones constitute one of the most heavily populated and developed land zones in the world. Despite the utility and economic benefits that coasts provide, there is no reliable global-scale assessment of historical shoreline change trends.

Could sunscreen be destroying our coral reefs? Hawaii lawmakers say yes

Hawaii is set to become the first state to ban the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone or octinoxate, two chemicals believed to be harmful to the environment.

Cities from the sea: the true cost of reclaimed land

Asia is growing. Literally. From Malaysia to Dubai, luxury developments are rising on artificial islands and coastlines. Everybody wins – except the local sea life and the fishermen who depend on it

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