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What will Malibu’s beach erosion problem look like in 20 years?

The rapid erosion of Malibu’s beaches in the past few years is nothing short of startling and has drawn the concerned attention of local citizens, advocacy groups and public officials. Beach erosion, attributable in part to climate change and in part to the hand of man, is pervasive, invasive and expensive.

Erosion threatens scenery and real estate along iconic California coastline

This is supposed to be a beautiful beach, but instead it looks like a disaster area because a sea wall built about a decade ago to protect homes has failed. Now property owners are spending millions to fix it. From Mexico to Oregon, the iconic California coastline runs more than 3,400 miles.

Sweetwater Authority eyes sand mining, material dredging opportunities, CA

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The board of the Sweetwater Authority is interested in sand mining and material dredging opportunities in and around the South Bay water agency’s two reservoirs.

Why China’s renewable energy transition is losing momentum

Growth of wind and solar in China is slowing as government funding for green energy falters and upgrades to the transmission infrastructure lag. With China’s CO2 emissions again on the rise, experts worry the world’s largest emitter may fall short of key climate goals.

Climate crisis: 6 million people join latest wave of global protests

Six million people have taken to the streets over the past week, uniting across timezones, cultures and generations to demand urgent action on the escalating ecological emergency.

Rising tides force Miami Beach residents to seek higher ground

Scientists with the United Nations Wednesday released their most alarming report yet on climate change. Oceans are warming, sea levels are rising and polar ice is melting — all of that is accelerating because of increasing carbon dioxide levels. But the report warns the harshest consequences may be on low-lying coasts, where almost 700 million people live.

Italy calls fast-melting glacier in Mont Blanc range “an alarm” that can’t be ignored

A fast-moving Italian glacier is melting quickly, threatening a picturesque valley near the Alpine town of Courmayeur and prompting the mayor to close down a mountain road.

Climate change: UN panel signals red alert on ‘Blue Planet’

Climate change is devastating our seas and frozen regions as never before, a major new United Nations report warns.

In Cambodia, sand mining is big business — but it comes at a price

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Sand mining accounts for 85 percent of all worldwide mineral extraction, a $70 billion industry. In Cambodia, the practice is big business — but it comes with a price. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports.

Microplastics in the Great Lakes: Becoming benthic

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From the Great Pacific garbage patch to inland rivers, plastics are among the most widespread contaminants on Earth. Microplastics — particles of plastic smaller than five millimeters — are especially pervasive. As they build up in Earth’s waters, microplastics are also becoming a permanent part of the planet’s sedimentary layers.

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