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Turquoise – From “Antarctica ” Series; By Denis Delestrac

Turquoise, is an image from Denis Delestrac.

Beyond Preservation: The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire; By Andrew Jalbert

When avid scuba diver and famed Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton first visited Bonaire decades ago, he eloquently described the underwater environment as, “a world of riotous, outrageous color.” Years later, Bonaire has seen some changes but his assessment still largely rings true.

10,000 Pounds of Ocean Plastic Is Turned Into a Leaping 38-Foot-Tall Whale

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In response to the estimated 150 million tons of plastic trash currently in the ocean, Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm StudioKCA has created an incredible installation for the Bruges Triennial. Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale) is a 38-foot-tall whale fabricated from 5 tons of plastic waste found from the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

China just handed the World a 111-million-ton trash problem

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The world’s biggest waste importer is no longer buying. So where’s all that trash going to go?

Coral reefs ‘will be overwhelmed by rising oceans

Scientists have uncovered a new threat to the world’s endangered coral reefs. They have found that most are incapable of growing quickly enough to compensate for rising sea levels triggered by global warming.

Beachgoers Beware? 5 Pathogens That Lurk In Sand

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Although most microbes in the sand are harmless, some are linked with disease. Here are five types of pathogens found in sand.

13 of the dirtiest beaches in the world

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Wide scale pollution has turned some of the world’s most beautiful beaches into trash heaps.

Beach Wheelchair Donation Allows Everyone to Enjoy the Sand


Accessibility to the beach is not always available to everyone but, a new initiative, called “S.E.A,” which stands for Safety, Environment and Activities is changing that. A local group, in Okaloosa County, Florida, is making it easier for everyone to get on the sand.

Scientists calculate impact of China’s ban on plastic waste imports

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Scientists have calculated the potential global impact of China’s ban on plastic waste imports and how this policy might affect efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the world’s landfills and natural environment.

Heading to the beach? Get ready for thick, slimy seaweed

Thick mats of seaweed have washed up on South Florida beaches in recent weeks, creating a tangled, squishy barrier between swimmers and the ocean.

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