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In doomed Alaska town, hunters turn to drones and caribou as sea ice melts

Climate change is forcing indigenous people to find new ways to survive as a remote village of 600 grapples with rapid erosion.

Massive ‘bomb cyclone’ pounds Northeast, bringing strong winds and flooding


A massive nor’easter is pummeling the East Coast, halting travel as it brings damaging winds, coastal flooding, heavy rain and inland snow to 15 states.

Concave Iceberg Gerlache Strait, Antarctica – From “A Touch of Nature ” Series; By Norma J. Longo

Concave Iceberg Gerlache Strait, Antarctica – From “A Touch of Nature ”Series, is an image from Norma J. Longo.

Te Pito O Te Henua shore (Rapa Nui or Easter Island): a remote and mysterious place with rare beaches; By Nelson Rangel-Buitrago, William J. Neal & Adriana Gracia

One of the most remote and youngest inhabited volcanic islands in the world is Te Pito o Te Henua Island, or as more commonly known: Easter Island (Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua). World famous for its mysterious monumental statues (moai) erected by the early Rapa Nui people, the island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean nearly 3,650 km west of Chile.

Becker well capped—a century later

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Summerland Beach was a scene of great joy earlier this week, as the barge from Curtin Maritime, Long Beach, arrived to the coastline and positioned itself to lower the construction equipment to cap the infamous leaking Becker Well.

Series of storms more than 150 years ago caused extensive erosion of the Carpinteria Salt Marsh

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Flooding isn’t new to the Santa Barbara coastline. However, the inundation doesn’t always come from the mountains as it did last month in Montecito. Back in 1861-2, a series of large storms washed beach sand more than a quarter mile inland into what today is the Carpinteria Salt Marsh. Although historical accounts document the inland flooding, little has been known about how those storms impacted a now heavily developed California coast.

Poll: Millennials care about climate change

The nonprofit Alliance for Market Solutions released new polling on millennial attitudes about the reality of human-induced climate change and efforts to combat it. Millennials are broadly convinced human-induced climate change is real and deserves action.

As climate change worsens, king penguins will need to move — or they’ll die

If we don’t cut greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change, then by the end of the century, 70 percent of king penguins could face a tough decision: either find a new home or die, according to new research.

Large-scale commercial fishing covers more than half of the oceans, study finds

Scientists tag sharks to see where they roam in the high seas, but until now they couldn’t track the seas’ biggest eater: Humans.

Mangroves free of 500 tonne of plastic

Nearly 500 tonne of plastic waste was removed from eight mangrove sites across Mumbai and suburban areas over the last two months. On an average, 70-80 tonne of plastic is removed every week, and 10-15 tonne every day.

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