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2017 State of the Beach Report; By Surfrider Foundation


The Surfrider Foundation released the 2017 State of the Beach Report Card, which evaluates U.S. states and territories on their policies to protect our nation’s beaches from coastal erosion, haphazard development, and sea level rise. The results reveal that 22 out of 30 states, and the territory of Puerto Rico, are performing at adequate to poor level.

Line drawn on sand sales: EBay removes listings for sand purportedly from Hawaii beaches

EBay has removed numerous listings advertising the sale of sand purported to be from Hawaii beaches, including iconic Papakolea Beach — also known as Green Sands Beach — after the Tribune-Herald inquired about the sand sales.

Bonn: UN climate conference aims for greater ambition as 2017 set to be among top three hottest years

The United Nations Climate Conference opened on Monday in Bonn, Germany, with the aim of a greater ambition for climate action, as the world body’s weather agency issued a stark warning that 2017 is set to be among the three hottest years on record.

The COP23 climate change summit in Bonn and why it matters

Halting dangerous global warming means putting the landmark Paris agreement into practice – without the US – and tackling the divisive issue of compensation.

Dramatic rise in plastic seabed litter around UK

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An average of 358 litter items were found per square kilometre of seabed in 2016, a 158% rise on the previous year, and 222% higher than the average for 1992-94. Almost 78% of the litter is plastic.

Climate change report says humans “extremely likely” to blame for warming

A new Trump administration report on climate change paints an apocalyptic portrait of global climate trends, saying the last three years have been the “warmest years on record for the globe” and that humans are almost certainly causing the climate to change.

While a new island grew, southern Hatteras was shrinking, NC

Whatever forces crafted the new, crescent-shaped island at Cape Point is steadily gulping down the south end of Hatteras Island, spitting aside trees, power poles and a popular route for off-road vehicles.

The world is running out of sand

After a trip to the beach, you’re likely to return with sand in your hair, between your toes, underneath your fingernails. It might be difficult to believe that the world is running out of the stuff, but it is.

Intensifying winds could increase east Antarctica’s contribution to sea level rise

A new study led by the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics has found that wind over the ocean off the coast of East Antarctica causes warm, deep waters to upwell, circulate under Totten Glacier, the largest glacier in East Antarctica, and melt the fringes of the East Antarctic ice sheet from below.

Global Climate Meeting Will Forge Ahead, Despite Trump’s Contempt

The 23rd UN Climate Change Conference, COP 23, begins Monday in Bonn, Germany. It commences just five months after Pres. Trump announced he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. The international community strongly reprimanded the Trump administration for its decision, and it has vowed to disregard that setback and forge ahead at COP23. No other countries have reneged on the accord.

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