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Gulf oil spill poses unique health challenges

Even though oil spills are fairly common worldwide, scientists say there’s surprisingly little research on how they affect human health.

48 Illegal Sand Mining Fields Found in Hunan, China

Turning this key flood prevention battlefield into a money spinner for sandstone raiders.


Children live and breathe closer to the ground where toxics from the Gulf oil spill are more concentrated. Research has revealed that children don’t even have the biochemical tools to deal with some toxics until the age of seven.

BP Sets New Spill Target

Allegedly, BP wants to be able to describe the oil spill as finite, not infinite, and is pushing to fix its runaway Gulf oil well by July 27.

Agency Agreed Wildlife Risk From Oil Was ‘Low’

The federal agency charged with protecting endangered species signed off on the Minerals Management Service’s conclusion that deepwater drilling for oil in the Gulf posed no significant risk to wildlife, despite evidence that a spill of even moderate size could be disastrous, according to federal documents.

Recovery effort falls vastly short of BP’s promises

In response to criticism that the government did not challenge crucial aspects of BP’s recovery plans, the Coast Guard this week is scheduled to announce creation of an expert panel to conduct a “preparedness review” for Deepwater Horizon.

Tar balls from Gulf oil spill turn up in Texas

First known evidence that gushing crude from the Deepwater Horizon well has now reached all the Gulf states.


Oil Found in Gulf Beach Sand, Even After Cleanups

Oil patties and tarballs were discovered as deep as 2 feet (0.6 meter) beneath beaches, the deepest oil yet found by a team of coastal geologists, that’s been studying the effects of the oil spill on Gulf beaches since early May.

PSDS: Louisiana Oil Spill Aerial View, Flight 3

Latest images taken by Scientists at the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines.

Mangrove forests in worldwide decline

The first ever assessment of mangrove species by the IUCN Red List found 11 out of 70 mangrove species threatened with extinction.

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