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Corporations Won’t Self-Regulate

The question haunting everyone is: how was this allowed to happen?

Plastiki: Restocking in Samoa

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The Plastiki expedition’s goal is to spread the word about the rapid growth of non-recyclable plastics across the planet, and how pervasive the problem of plastic waste has become.

Sand mining renders land erosion in Kerala

A centuries old farming village on the Kerala coastline is on the verge of being washed away by the sea.

Scotland pristine white sand targeted by thieves in midnight raids

Tiree’s stretches of pristine white sand have been targeted by thieves stealing tonne upon tonne of sand.

Off Florida, skimming boats fight oil spill

Aided by a strong southwesterly wind and waves averaging 4 to 6 feet, the unprecedented threat to Florida’s economy and environment lurks in the dark Gulf waters uncomfortably close to the white sandy beaches.

Thad Allen: Oil Spill Is ‘Holding The Gulf Hostage’

“We’re making the right progress. I don’t think anyone should be pleased as long as there’s oil in the water,” Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen.

Gulf oil spill: Cap starts doing its job, but officials remain cautious

Efforts to contain the flood of oil into the Gulf of Mexico showed the first signs of progress.

The damages caused by Singapore’s insatiable thirst for land

Fuelled by Singapore’s land and construction demands sand mining is wreaking environmental destruction across south-east Asia.

Isle Grande Terre

Isle Grand Terre, Louisiana; By Adam Griffith & Robert Young

Two months ago, few people had heard of the ironically-named Isle Grand Terre.

Cap collects some Gulf oil; crude washes into Fla.

Waves of gooey tar balls crashed into the white sands of the Florida Panhandle on Friday as BP engineers adjusted a sophisticated cap over the Gulf oil gusher.

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