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Costa Rica by Nancy Optiz

Costa Rica; By Nancy Opitz

Nancy Opitz an art school teacher, and a passionate photographer in her spare time. She is married to professional surfer Terry Simms, who collaborated on this image, taken in Costa Rica in 2008.

Assawoman Island, Virginia

Assawoman Island; By Andrew Cooper

Assawoman Island is in Virginia, USA on the peninsula of land between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay.

Oil spills on the worlds beaches and in the worlds oceans

Beaches and river shorelines all over the world are at risk from oil spills.

Brazil by Brian Hodges

Brazil; By Brian Hodges

Brian Hodges is a photographer based in Santa Barbara.

Cedar Island, NC

Cedar Island, NC; By Andrew Cooper

Cedar Island, North Carolina, USA is an east – west trending island along the southern rim of Pamlico Sound.

Benin: Erosion-inducing coastal sand mining to be outlawed

News, Sand Mining

Faced with rising sea levels and coastal erosion caused in part by coastal sand mining, carting away of free beach sand for commercial uses, the national government has begun a campaign to save its coastal sand by digging up sand inland, instead. But communities near these newly-created sand collection spots are fighting back.

Bad Beach Management

European Bad Beach Management

A slide show of European Bad Beach Management by Andrew Cooper.

Morocco by Lana Wong

Morocco; By Lana Wong

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Moroccan coast, Lana Wong photographed this scene in the summer of 2005.

Mitch Yost


In this video, Mitch Yost participates in a long forgotten PSA to help cross border water pollution in Imperial Beach, CA.

Mining of Coastal Sand

Mining Of Coastal Sand: A Critical Environmental And Economic Problem For Morocco

In Morocco, the extraction of beach and dune sand for use in the construction industry is destroying significant portions of the nation’s natural heritage.

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