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Sand Piracy: More about Singapore Sand Issues

News, Sand Mining

Singapore’s economy rests upon maintaining a huge and continuous supply of sand, and smuggling sand has become a multibillion-dollar trade, in a country renowned for honest business practices and corporal punishment.


New plastic garbage patch discovered in Indian Ocean

News, Pollution

This Indian Ocean garbage patch discovery means there are now three confirmed ocean zones of plastic pollution.

Survey of Coastal Residents Shows Gulf Oil Spill Impacts on Families

More than 70% of parents report children spending less time swimming, boating and playing in the sand.

Much Gulf Oil Remains, Deeply Hidden and Under Beaches

New U.S. Gulf oil spill report deemed “ludicrous” by scientists.

The Women Sand Thieves, Video

Every day, hundreds of women scrape, shovel, dig, sift and hoard beach sand by the tons.

CAMBODIA: Sand dredging prompts fishermen’s protests

Prime Minister Hun Sen banned sand exports in May 2009, yet sand mining continues in Koh Kong Province, the epicentre of the country’s corrupt dredging industry. Dredgers remove 25,000 tons of sand each day from the Cambodian seas to export.

Each Grain of Sand a Tiny Work of Art

Beach Art

Worldwide, sand has a fascinating story to tell.

BP Oil spill: officially the worst disaster off a U.S. coast

As BP prepares to seal the well for good, officials say it spewed more than 200 million gallons, by far the worst such disaster off a U.S. coast.

E.P.A : It Was Wise to Use Oil Dispersant

Many scientists expressed grave concerns about the unprecedented aerial spraying of chemical dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Fishermen wrinkle their noses at smell tests

Smell tests on dozens of specimens from the area revealed barely traceable amounts of toxins, the FDA said. The tests were done not by chemical analysis, but by scientists trained to detect the smell of oil and dispersant.

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