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Gravel beaches trapping oil from 1989 Exxon spill

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An engineering professor has figured out why oil remains trapped along miles of gravel beaches more than 20 years after the Exxon Valdez tanker disaster in Prince William Sound.

Gulf leak eclipses Exxon Valdez as worst US spill

As BP labored for a second day Thursday to choke off the leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, dire new government estimates showed the disaster has easily eclipsed the Exxon Valdez as the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.

Take punitive action against BP now

It’s interesting how many people have swallowed the BP public relations’ bait to call the explosion from Deepwater Horizon oil rig the Gulf oil spill. We need to call it what it is: the BP oil spill.


How BP’s ‘top kill’ procedure (might) work

BP’s next attempt to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico will involve a maneuver called “top kill,” in which heavy drilling fluid is to be pumped into the head of the leaking well at the seafloor.

White House: Undoubtedly Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History

Oceanographer Philippe Cousteau Jr. went diving in the Gulf of Mexico and got a firsthand look at the toxic soup of oil and chemical dispersant that formed large underwater plumes as deep as 25 feet.
“[It is] just this cloud of granular oil,” “And you can see it dispersing deeper and deeper into the water column. ”

BP Prepares for ‘Top Kill’ Procedure to Contain Spill

With frustration growing in the Gulf region over BP’s inability to contain the oil spill, the company on Tuesday morning outlined its next plan for stopping the underwater leak.

How High Will Seas Rise? Get Ready for Seven Feet

As governments, businesses, and homeowners plan for the future, they should assume that the world’s oceans will rise by at least two meters, roughly seven feet, this century. But far too few agencies or individuals are preparing for the inevitable increase in sea level that will take place as polar ice sheets melt.

Adam Cooper, Oil Spill

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Coastal Resilience

With oil continuing to spill into the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s Deepwater Horizon platform, Andrew Cooper reflects on natural and man-made crises, environmental threats and issues of coastal risk and resilience.

PSDS: Gulf Spill Recon Flight

Latest images from May 18th courtesy of WCU Program For the Study of Developed Shorelines.

Mary Flynn, detail of sea banner hanging

Me and you three; 2 years, 4 artists, 8 beaches

Beach Art

The exhibition showcases works by 4 island of Wight’s artists: Judes Crow, Annik Cullinane, Mary Flynn & Gerry Price. For the past 2 years these artists have made joint monthly visits to 8 island beaches.The result is an eclectic exhibition made cohesive by linking the marine environment to humanity.

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The World's Beaches
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